Volume 1 Issue 3: Ant-Man and The Wasp Review

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In this issue we review the movie Ant-Man and The Wasp and what it means for Avengers 4.


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Moises: Hey guys, welcome to the Comics ‘N’ Coffee Podcast. We’re your hosts, Moises Lopez and Ricardo Feliciano. This is Volume 1 Issue 3. So Ricardo, how was your week?

Ricardo: My week was pretty dull. Last show, we talked about Siren Cafe and how I launched that. So I don’t know if I mentioned it at the time, but I set the birthday for Siren Cafe on Twitter, like in that bio section, the profile, and because Siren Cafe launched that day, I set the birthday for that day. So Siren Cafe was zero at the time. It was just started. Turns out you don’t want to do that on Twitter, because Twitter has a policy that you have to be 13 years or older to have an account, even though they suggest in the bio to set a birthday for your cat, business, project, whatever. I set the birthday and Siren Cafe was now 0 days, 0 years old. And Twitter suspended my account for not being of age. So yeah. That was not fun. I had to fill out a form, send a copy of my driver’s license to them, and they took 4 days to reinstate the account, which ruined my launch for Siren Cafe. I was not happy about that. But they finally reinstated it, so four days later, the Twitter handle is up. So that’s pretty good. But otherwise, we saw Ant-Man and the Wasp. That was the exciting part of my week, but we’ll get into that shortly. What about you?

Moises: My week, same thing, was pretty dull. Today I found out that the new vice president of my job is coming to my store in 2 weeks, a week and a half. And me and my store manager both made a joke that I’m gonna quit and get rehired after because we’re both not looking forward to this. But yeah, other than that, it’s been pretty dull. Ant-Man and the Wasp was the highlight of my week.

Ricardo: Well, look at it as, hopefully, an opportunity to impress someone, maybe. Could be good.

Hopefully my promotion will come sooner than 6 months.

Yeah, could be a good thing. You never know. Obviously we’re gonna talk about Ant-Man and the Wasp today cause we saw that, the movie just came out, and it was a pretty good movie. Before we get into that, we’re gonna cover some news in our news segment. But even before our news segment, just wanted to throw out there that this show will have spoilers for Ant-Man and the Wasp, possibly even in the news segment if we can connect the dots between something, so if you have not seen the movie yet, you might wanna pause this podcast and replay it after you’ve seen the movie. All right, let’s get started with some news.

Moises: So recently, in a Marvel comic, X-Men Blue #30, Wolverine’s son has bonded with a symbiote. The concept art looks amazing for it. It’s not Daken, I think is his first son’s name, it’s his second son, Jimmy Hudson, Jr. This symbiote isn’t like the classic Venom that you know and love or the Carnage that you know, that you personally love.

Ricardo: Yeah.

Moises: It’s a sort of different race of symbiotes, but they’re still the same thing, bonding to a host, becoming an extension -

Ricardo: They still come from space?

Moises: Yeah. So it’s an extension of that host, so you can imagine Wolverine’s son as a symbiote.

Ricardo: That’s pretty cool.

Moises: Yeah I believe that he’s the last one that survived, I haven’t read the issue yet but I’m looking forward to what Marvel does with this.

Ricardo: Cool A news item that I have is for Doctor Strange 2. Kevin -

Moises: Feige.

Ricardo: Thank you.

Moises: Say it with me.

Ricardo: I can’t - I’m not - I can’t say his last name. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Kevin, if you ever hear this. I doubt it, but - I cannot say your last name. He was originally quoted in an interview with Cinema Blend, speaking of a sequel to Doctor Strange that’s in the works. That was pretty exciting to me because before now, I hadn’t really heard anything. I think, for most of these characters, and some point we just assume a sequel, just because it’s money for Marvel and for Disney and to kind of keep the story going. But I hadn’t really heard anything at all about Doctor Strange and a sequel so I was very happy to hear about that and, for Infinity War, Doctor Strange has an important role. If there’s a sequel, it must take place after Infinity War, so I’m sure Infinity War, as in Avengers 4, will heavily influence what this sequel does. That was pretty exciting to me and I’m looking forward to that.

Moises: Especially with the end result of Infinity War, it makes you wonder how are they going to bring these characters back, and how many possibilities there’d be for their sequels. So that’s obviously good to look forward to.

Ricardo: I think Doctor Strange is gonna get ready to kick some ass, that’s all I’m gonna say. Another item I have, which I’m really excited about, is it was announced that there’s gonna be a Thanos Edition of Infinity War when it’s released on Blu-ray. You know, most movies, things get cut as they produce it and get it ready for theatre release, right? So a lot of times you’ll have a Director’s Cut, which is, you know, and extra 10 minutes, 15 minutes, something like that. Apparently, a lot of Thanos’s backstory was filmed for this movie. You know, for those same reasons they just couldn’t fit it into the movie for whatever reason. So it’s not just a few deleted scenes. They’re saying that, for the Blu-ray release, there’s actually gonna be another edition of the movie called Thanos Edition and it’s gonna have all these extra scenes. It’s not really deleted scenes, they’re gonna be interwoven into the existing scenes, and it’s gonna be like a full-blown movie. Cause I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a Blu-ray or DVD that has deleted scenes - it’s clear that they’re deleted because the flow of the movie kinda stops. You know what I mean?

Moises: Yeah. It just shows the clip. It’s separate from the actual movie.

Ricardo: Yeah. this is not gonna be like that. This is gonna be full flow, full movie, I’m really really excited about this, plus we have pre-ordered Infinity War on Blu-ray, the 4K Blu-ray. We’re gonna go see Thanos’s backstory in 4K, so I’m looking forward to seeing Titan in 4K.

Moises: I heard that cut will be 3 hours long, which - that’s an extra 30 minutes of seeing Thanos kill our favorite heroes.

Ricardo: Yeah. So many people complain about the length of movies. One of the most popular ones is Titanic and Lord of the Rings. And everyone’s like, ugh, 3 hours long. I’ve always loved that. Especially at theatres where the tickets are expensive, it isn’t like the ticket price goes up for a long movie. As far as I can see, you’re getting a better bang for your buck.

Moises: I was just gonna say that.

Ricardo: Exactly, when you watch these longer movies, cause you’re paying the same ticket price, but you get to see a much longer movie and have more time to finish your popcorn and your large Cherry Coke, so. Obviously, this is gonna be on Blu-ray, so it won’t be at the movies, but I love longer movies as long as it’s good. If it’s crap, that’s a different story. But I think this is gonna be good. Those extra 30 minutes are welcome. So what other news items do you have?

Moises: Another piece of news from Marvel Comics is - you’re familiar with Howard the Duck, correct?

Ricardo: Yeah.

Moises: He’s appeared in some of the MCU movies. He’s now apparently called Juggerduck.

Ricardo: What… are you talking about?

Moises: He basically becomes Juggernaut. But’s he’s still a duck.

Ricardo: Wow. You know, I was just gonna make a joke and say, what is he, a cross between Juggernaut and himself? And apparently it’s not a joke?

Moises: Most people think that Juggernaut is a mutant, but he actually gets his powers from a gem called Crimson Gem of - I honestly don’t know how to pronounce this - Cyttorak. If anyone knows how to correctly pronounce it, they can obviously correct me.

Ricardo: That’s C-Y-T-T-O-R-A-K. However that’s pronounced.

Moises: Yes. So he gets his powers from that, and it’s hilarious seeing a giant duck that, especially with Juggernaut being seen in Deadpool 2, which I highly doubt they’re going to release him in the MCU, but that would be hilarious to see.

Ricardo: You ever heard that - I don’t know if it’s a limerick, I don’t know what these things are called - but they always say, you know, would you rather fight 5 duck-sized horses or 1 horse-sized duck? I think Juggerduck’s gonna answer that question for us. I did not know that Juggernaut gets his powers from a gem. Am I crazy, or did none of the X-Men movies ever reference that?

Moises: None of the movies. Definitely not.

Ricardo: Yeah, they don’t reference that. And he’s in the X-Men movies, so it’s almost implying that he is a mutant.

Moises: Yeah. That’s why most people think he is a mutant. But I believe he goes - I don’t want to say hiking - but I believe he goes on an archaeological adventure, with his brother, and that’s where he finds the gem. And that gives him the power to become the Juggernaut.

Ricardo: Interesting. Was he always that size?

Moises: No.

Ricardo: So the gem makes him bigger as well?

Moises: Yeah.

Ricardo: It could be a Hagrid-like thing where he’s just that size and gets powers, I don’t know. What else you got?

Moises: You know that the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse movie is being released pretty soon. They added another voice actor to the cast list. Nicolas Cage is casted as Spider-Man Noir, which, that’s the black suit Spider-Man with the trench coat, with the guns, with the goggles. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that one.

Ricardo: Yeah, I’ve seen it before, yeah. I could see Nicolas Cage doing the voice for that.

Moises: He actually got his stage name drawing inspiration from Luke Cage. So I thought that was pretty interesting.

Ricardo: Now, how’d you find that out?

Moises: I actually didn’t know - I thought Nicolas Cage was his real name. When I saw the article for him being casted as Spider-Man -

Ricardo: So they mention it in that article?

Moises: Yeah.

Ricardo: I don’t know much about him, especially in his personal life, but I couldn’t imagine him reading Luke Cage comics.

Moises: Yeah. But he was Ghost Rider in the movies.

Ricardo: Oh, you know what, yeah!

Moises: He’s no stranger to comic book movies.

Ricardo: That’s true.

Moises: And funny enough, he named his second son Kal-El, which is Superman’s birth name.

Ricardo: Maybe I’ve misjudged Mr. Cage.

Moises: His son is either gonna be bullied or praised at school.

Ricardo: Yeah. Well, I have this as a news item, but it kind of leads us to our main topic, which I guess we’re somewhat ready for. But just to finish up the news, Brandon Davis from comicbook.com was quoted as saying Ant-Man and the Wasp is the best Marvel sequel. Even before seeing the movie, I’m gonna call B.S. I wrote this down before we actually saw the movie last night.

Moises: Yeah.

Ricardo: And I really want to say - Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the best Marvel sequel.

Moises: By far.

Ricardo: I don’t know. We’ll get to our main topic in a second, but maybe Ant-Man and the Wasp is #2? If it’s not Ragnarok. Cause Ragnarok - it’s the third sequel - second sequel? - it’s the third movie.

Moises: It’s a trilogy.

Ricardo: Yeah, it’s the third movie, but it’s a sequel.

Moises: The sequel to the sequel.

Ricardo: That was really good too. So, I’m sorry Brandon, but I think you’re wrong. Anyway, we’ll get into it! So speaking of Ant-Man and the Wasp, let’s get started with that. Let’s start with your overall reaction. What did you think of the movie?

Moises: I thought it was great. I don’t think it was the best sequel, but it was definitely a great movie. I think it’s gonna do well with the reviews, the critics, the box office. Maybe not as good as Black Panther, obviously, but I think it’ll still do pretty good and you can’t go wrong with Paul Rudd. He’s hilarious. He’s an amazing actor.

Ricardo: I thought it was really, really funny. What might be my favorite character, though, is Scott’s daughter. She was hilarious and she was, to me, the highlight of the movie. I love it. Especially near the end, when you see everything happening on the news, her mother and the step-father are just watching the news and they look horrified. The camera just goes down to her, and she’s just smiling. Honestly I thought it was a really good movie. I enjoyed it. In terms of just movies, it was well worth the money spent to go and see it.

Moises: Even though it kinda got ruined.

Ricardo: Yeah. We’ll talk about that too. We saw this movie at AMC in Times Square, New York. Which is one of their famous, or infamous, theatres - it was Empire 25. AMC Empire 25. We saw it there and one of the reasons why was because we saw it at the Dolby theatre. Which, if anyone’s ever not experienced a Dolby theatre before, it’s an amazing theatre. It’s kind of like IMAX where you have this extra large screen and it’s a special experience, except, not only is the visuals great, the Dolby theatre focuses on audio cause it’s Dolby. So they have these huge speakers on either side of the screen going down the theatre, and when you have certain really loud noises that have a lot of bass, the seats vibrate. It’s not in every individual seat, but there’s just something under the row of seats, A subwoofer, something like that, that you really feel the sound and vibration from. It makes it a great experience. Our first movie that we saw there was Logan, right? Or at least my first movie there was Logan.

Moises: It might’ve been your first movie there, yeah.

Ricardo: Yeah. So I fell in love with the theatre. So, we saw it there, and halfway through the movie? - 25% of the way through the movie? - something like that, the sound just cut off. So that kind of sucked. Despite that, the movie was still great, I really enjoyed it.

Moises: We didn’t really miss too much important information.

Ricardo: Yeah. How do you think it compared against the original Ant-Man?

Moises: I honestly thought it was better. With the original Ant-Man, it was definitely a good movie, but this one actually made me laugh more.

Ricardo: Mmhm. Yeah. I thought it was better. It was funnier. For me, it benefited off of Civil War and the other Avenger movies because they made a lot of references to Captain America and events that happened. So I think it had the benefit of having that plot tie-in already. So there’s more things to make jokes off of and more things to add backstory to certain events. So I think they were able to use that their benefit and make a better movie out of it. I believe - everyone has difficult names - Evangeline?

Moises: Evangeline.

Ricardo: Lily?

Moises: Yes.

Ricardo: She made news recently because of this movie.

Moises: Yeah. Her character is the first ever female character to be in the actual title of the movie. That’s definitely a win for the female community, I guess.

Ricardo: Yeah. Cause up until now, we’ve had female characters in the name, but it was really for their movie. Like Wonder Woman and upcoming Captain Marvel.

Moises: But I believe hers is the first in the MCU. The first female character in the MCU to have her name in the title.

Ricardo: Which, by the way, leads to something I wanted to talk about. So, the title of this movie is Ant-Man and the Wasp. My assumption was that, if it’s Ant-Man and the Wasp, she is the Wasp, right?

Moises: She has the suit, she has the wings -

Ricardo: Apparently that’s not the case. At least, according to IMDB, looking up the movie on IMDB, they actually have Michelle Pfeiffer, the mother, billed as the Wasp. Which kind of makes sense, because from the first Ant-Man movie, she was the original Wasp. She was the one who had first donned the suit, and you know the whole storyline that leads into the storyline for this movie. But, for some reason, even in the trailers, you mostly see Hope. And I just assumed she would be the Wasp and she’s the one wearing the suit now. Is she really the Wasp? Is she really in the title?

Moises: I mean, technically speaking, if you think about it, the movie is basically about the father and the mother, and the father is the original Ant-Man and she is the original Wasp.

Ricardo: That’s a good point.

Moises: Cause the whole story is about him trying to get her back and then, showing everything that he goes through just to get her back in the Quantum Realm. So it could still be Ant-Man and the Wasp cause, it’s probably referring to the father and the mother, in a way.

Ricardo: Yeah, yeah. I could see that. That’s basically the plot of the movie, here, so we’re gonna go to the plot real quick, but once again, hopefully anyone listening has already seen this movie, so we’re not spoiling it for them, but basically, pulling off the plot from the last movie, the wife, her name is Janet, she was trapped in the Quantum Realm. She went too small to defuse that - atomic bomb?

Moises: I believe so. Or a missile.

Ricardo: So this whole movie is basically them trying to get her back. I think, along the way, we discover some effects that happens in the Quantum Realm, certain powers that are maybe derived from that, for example. And the main villain is Ghost. Basically, she needs energy that she needs to extract from Janet in order to cure herself. Cause she’s phasing in and out, she’s in pain and all that kind of stuff. Which also brings a trend now, lately Marvel villains aren’t your traditional “Oh, I’m a bad person, I’m gonna do bad things.” Cause Ghost, she’s the villain, but it’s really because she’s in pain and she’s just trying to relieve the pain.

Moises: She’s trying to save herself, basically.

Ricardo: Thanos is the villain, but he’s really - according to him and to what he sees, he’s trying to save the universe. His way of saving the universe may not be the best way, but he believe it’s the best way. And ultimately he’s trying the save the universe and he thinks people should thank him.

Moises: Yeah.

Ricardo: You know? And then Killmonger, same thing. He’s possibly more of a villain than the others. He kind of knows what he’s doing is bad, I guess, but he’s just trying to avenge his father and bring back his legacy, so, there’s that.

Moises: One thing I’d like to mention is that I am in love with the actress who played Ghost. When she first removed her helmet, I was like holy crap. This woman is gorgeous. She’s played by Hannah John-Kamen? Something like that, her last name is kinda weird. But when she was smiling at Paul Rudd, touching his face, like oh, why can’t that just be me? Holy crap she’s gorgeous. She was just, yeah, I don’t think she was the villain too much because she was just trying to save herself.

Ricardo: Yeah. If I had any criticism of this movie, it might be that they maybe had somewhat of the same problem of Spider-Man 3 from the original trilogy. Because she’s a villain, but not really, and there’s also that other guy, the black market trader and technology guy - he’s a villain, and you have the guy who was helping her, who was helping Ghost.

Moises: Bill Foster?

Ricardo: Yeah. He’s kind of a villain as well. So, similar to Spider-Man 3 -

Moises: He did try stopping her when she was going to do more -

Ricardo: At the very end, Harry Osborn decided to be the good guy at the very end. That goes more into my point.

Moises: You’re right. You have a point.

Ricardo: But there wasn’t just one main huge villain in this movie. Part of that, for example, part of that make it’s hard to set up for a third movie. Cause then, who - they’re gonna have to keep creating someone, bringing in someone new, to talk about and have a plot for. For the Defenders, they have smaller villains, but that makes sense, because the Defenders are Street Brothers, they’re a littler series, but this is an actual MCU movie. The villain wasn’t all that dangerous. She only really threatened one person, which was Janet. I mean, she killed a few people along the way, but she’s just a regular -

Moises: Hottie.

Ricardo: Criminal. Regular criminal. So I think that was one thing, but maybe that’s good, because this is the first Marvel movie after Infinity War, right? Maybe this is what we needed. Maybe, after everything that happened in Infinity War, everything that’s going to happen in Avengers 4, maybe we needed a relaxed, funnier movie that wasn’t so serious, didn’t have such a crazy, world-dominating villain, to kinda have a change of pace. Are you ready to talk about the ending and the post-credit scenes?

Moises: Yes.

Ricardo: Okay. Going into the end of the movie, the movie ended nicely, it was funny and all that, but that mid-credit scene. What the hell? That was pretty tough. And I think there’s two key parts there for me. First thing was, I don’t know how many people paid attention, in the mid-credit scene, Scott is going to the Quantum Realm, and he’s gonna collect healing agent, which he’s gonna bring back and they’re gonna use for Ghost. So I’m assuming that what Janet did for her wasn’t a permanent fix. Maybe it’s gonna be something now where she needs to constantly have healing agent in order to control herself and not be in pain. And maybe she can never fully be cured, or maybe they just need enough healing agent for her to be cured, I’m not sure. They don’t really get into that in the movie. So anyway, Scott suits up and he’s going to the Quantum Realm. And as he’s going, Janet’s giving him a bunch of different advice. Do that, do this, pay attention to this, and he’s like yeah, I’ve been there before. And she says something. She says watch out for the time warps. She goes, you don’t wanna go get into one of those, because there’s no way out. Right? My ears perked up with that. And, most importantly, because this scene ends with Scott being in the Quantum Realm, does the mic check, and they’re talking on the intercom, mic, whatever that is, and he starts to talk to them and nobody responds to him.

Moises: They’re counting down and it stops at 4? 3?

Ricardo: Yeah. So nobody responds to Scott and the whole theatre fell silent. The camera finally goes back to the real world, outside of the Quantum Realm, and all you see is dust. Wow. We all knew this movie was gonna take place before Infinity War, but the movie ends at the end of Infinity War. This movie wraps up with both the doctor, his wife, Janet, Hope is there too, right?

Moises: Yep. Cause she was the one doing the mic check.

Ricardo: Yeah, so, from what we see in the scene, they’re all dusted. We just see the dust, we don’t see anybody else left.

Moises: I think there was 3 piles.

Ricardo: Yeah. So we’re now caught up with Infinity War, even in this movie, this timeline, and most importantly, there’s been a lot of rumors about what’s going to happen in Avengers 4. It’s almost official even though it’s unconfirmed that time travel is gonna be a part of this movie. This rumor is coming from everywhere. Some people think it has something to do with the Time Stone, right? But I don’t. And the reason why I don’t is because Thanos has it. If they could have gotten the stone from him before, they would have. I don’t see how they’re supposed to get the Time Stone from Thanos now, right? Janet says watch out for the time warps. So we know time has something to do with Avengers 4. This movie is now caught up with Avengers 4, and we know that there’s time warps inside of the Quantum Realm. Scott is now stuck in there - I think he’s stuck in there, I don’t know if he has the ability to get out himself, but if he doesn’t then he’s stuck in there, in a place that has time warps. I have a strong suspicion that this is gonna be - this is gonna have something to do with the plot line for Avengers 4. Perhaps, he can’t get out of the Quantum Realm himself because Janet’s gone, and everybody else is gone, so he accidentally or purposely goes into a time warp, and ends up seeing Captain America or Tony Stark or someone like that from the past. He talks to them and explains something’s happening, this and that, I don’t know, I don’t know exactly what would happen, but I know these time warps and the Quantum Realm are gonna have something to do with the next Avengers movie.

Moises: Wasn’t there already leaked photos of Ant-Man with Avengers 1 Captain America?

Ricardo: I’m not sure. I remember seeing Avengers 1 Captain America only because of the colors of the suit.

Moises: Yeah.

Ricardo: I remember seeing that. I don’t remember seeing Ant-Man with him, though.

Moises: I know in the first Ant-Man, he escapes the Quantum Realm on his own, so he could do the same thing. He’ll see that they’re all gone. Do you think that, because he was in the Quantum Realm, he wasn’t affected by the dusting? Or that it was just one of Thanos’s random things?

Ricardo: I think that it doesn’t matter cause he’s alive. But it would probably be easier for Marvel to explain it as he was just the half that survived. Especially since he was with 4 people and 3 of them are gone, while it’s all possible, it’s unlikely that all 4 of them would have dusted away. So I think that he just happens to be in the half that survived.

Moises: Okay.

Ricardo: Ant-Man and Hawkeye were both missing from Infinity War. Both had families, it kind of made sense that they were home with their families. In this movie we see why - cause he was on house arrest. He’s all caught up. So I think, even if he does get out, when he sees what happens, he’s gonna be pissed. I think in Avengers 4 will be the most serious we ever see Ant-Man. Cause he’s been a fool, basically, these first 2 movies, right?

Moises: Yeah. Even in Civil War.

Ricardo: Yeah, even in Civil War he was a fool. Yeah, remember at the end of Civil War, he’s yelling at Tony Stark, and then Tony Stark looks at him and goes, who are you again?

Moises: That was great. I honestly thought they were gonna show the daughter being dusted away, and I would have cried my eyes out if that happened.

Ricardo: I don’t think they would have been willing to do that to us after what happened to Peter Parker. I think Peter Parker was enough. If we lost Scott’s daughter as well, that would’ve been the end of it.

Moises: One thing that kind of confused me was, remember in Infinity War when Scarlet Witch and Vision were in Scotland, was it? How they saw the news, the news on the TV saying Iron Man was missing, there was the big donut in the sky, and all that. If they were still in the US, I think they were in San Francisco, why didn’t they see the news articles if they were so big?

Ricardo: Well - good point. So remember, the only main part that connects this movie to the events of Infinity War is the mid-credit scene. Who knows how long after the movie ends does the mid-credit scene take place? So that mid-credit scene could have happened 6 months later, 4 months later, and then in that time -

Moises: But was that dusting right away, though, in Infinity War?

Ricardo: What do you mean right away?

Moises: I don’t think it took 6 months from the first time that they invaded New York and the time when Thanos happened.

Ricardo: That’s my point, that’s my point. Let’s just say Ant-Man and the Wasp ended in April. Infinity War starts in May. And the mid-credit scene was also in May. See what I’m saying?

Moises: Oh, okay.

Ricardo: Everything could have fit between the last scene of the movie and the mid-credit scene. The whole Infinity War movie could have happened in that timeframe. Cause we don’t know how long after the end of the movie the mid-credit scene happened.

Moises: Plus they were building the smaller Quantum device -

Ricardo: Yeah, exactly.

Moises: They were probably just too preoccupied.

Ricardo: Not even preoccupied, they could have seen what happened in the news. Doesn’t mean that they were gonna join. What were they gonna do? Ant-Man didn’t join the fight the first time, right?

Moises: He was under house arrest.

Ricardo: So? He was under house arrest in this movie.

Moises: That’s true.

Ricardo: So, it wasn’t like that stopped him. Cool, anything else you want to talk about for Ant-Man and the Wasp?

Moises: I did like the new suit he has. The work in progress, as Hank puts it. I like the vibrant colors of the red in it. It definitely stood out and, yeah, it looked better than the first in my opinion.

Ricardo: My favorite suit, though, was Ghost. Her suit was awesome, and her first scene with her phasing in and out for the fight was incredible. Not that she wasn’t pretty, but I almost feel like it would have been better if she didn’t take the mask off. Cause it made her look so much scarier and creepy, you know?

Moises: Yeah.

Ricardo: Taking the mask off humanizes her and made her look like less of a threat. That suit was awesome. That’s my favorite suit in the movie.

Moises: Do you think Louis was dusted?

Ricardo: No. And the reason why is because - well, I just, it’s possible. He’s not necessary for Avengers 4. So that’s fine.

Moises: He could recap everything to Ant-Man.

Ricardo: Yeah.

Moises: Actually, that would be amazing. The way he always recaps everything they did in the post-credit scene for Ant-Man 1, I believe. When he says oh, we have a Spider-Man, a guy who climbs walls, when they gave him the truth serum and he spilled the beans - they could do that for Avengers 4!

Ricardo: Yeah.

Moises: Where Scott comes out of the Quantum Realm and he tells him everything that happened.

Ricardo: That’d be funny if he was in Avengers 4. And speaking of that, actually, Michelle Pfeiffer, who’s Janet, who’s the original Wasp, according to IMDB, she’s also casted for Avengers 4. Not only will Ant-Man be in that movie, and I believe Hope will be in that movie, right?

Moises: Yeah. She’s actually been confirmed - I believe she confirmed herself that she does several scenes with Captain Marvel. So I’m excited to see how that plays out.

Ricardo: Yeah. So she’ll be doing scenes with Captain Marvel in this movie - wait - with Captain Marvel in Avengers 4 or in the Captain Marvel movie?

Moises: Avengers 4.

Ricardo: Avengers 4. Yeah, and her mother. So, honestly, did not expect her mother to be, and I guess maybe with some of her -

Moises: New powers.

Ricardo: Yeah, exactly. Quantum Realm powers. They didn’t really say what it’s called yet or exactly - she did say several times how being in there for 30 years changed her. But they never exactly say what her powers are. Maybe that’s also going to help. Because I think the Avengers are going to need everything that they can get. Cool, so, as we get ready to wrap up, let’s talk about our next show. So for Issue 4, we know that, so far everything has been heavily Marvel-based and that’s mainly because both of us are big Marvel fans, right?

Moises: Definitely.

Ricardo: So we wanted to make sure we talk a little bit about DC as well. So our next show, we are going to be covering the new Teen Titans live action TV show - because it’s DC, not because it’s going to be good - and the Teen Titans Go! movie, which I’m actually very excited for.

Moises: Are you really?

Ricardo: I think you don’t like Teen Titans Go!, right?

Moises: Only because of them, we lost Injustice.

Ricardo: They’re good, though.

Moises: I wasn’t gonna tap the table. I was gonna slam the table. There’s a difference.

Ricardo: Teen Titans Go! - I don’t like DC much, I don’t really watch any of the TV shows and Teen Titans is a cartoon, but it’s such a funny show. It’s such a funny show and I really like the show.

Moises: It does have its moments.

Ricardo: They’re getting a movie, I’m really excited about that. I know we’re gonna talk about this next show, but I remember I saw one of the - it’s not really a full trailer, but more of a promo for the movie, and it ended with the movie announcer voice saying: The Teen Titans Go! movie - because if Aquaman can get a movie, so can we. And I thought that was hilarious. That tells me all I need to know about this movie and I can’t wait to see it. So we will be talking about those 2 things in our next show. You can find any show notes that we have and other episodes of this podcast on comicsncoffee.com, that’s comics, the letter n, and the word coffee, .com. For any questions or feedback you can contact us on Twitter, @comics_ncoffee, on Facebook at facebook.com/comicsncoffee, and that’s about it. Anything else for our listeners?

Moises: As always, thanks for listening and have a good time.

Ricardo: Thanks everybody. Bye.

Moises: Bye.