Volume 1 Issue 2: Luke Cage Season 2 Review and Ant-Man & The Wasp Predictions

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In this issue we discuss Luke Cage Season 2 and what we're excited about and predictions for Ant-Man & The Wasp.


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Moises: Hey guys, welcome to the Comics ‘N’ Coffee podcast. We’re your hosts, Moises Lopez and Ricardo Feliciano. This is Volume 1, Issue 2. So, Ricardo, last time we spoke was about a week ago. How’s your week been so far?

Ricardo: Um, pretty good, pretty good. I’m happy we’re doing Issue 2, so I’m really excited about that. In other coffee-related news, I guess, since this is, you know, ‘N’ Coffee, I launched a little side project, little blog of mine called Siren Cafe. And, basically, since I’m obsessed with Starbucks, this is a blog for Starbucks and coffee lovers.

Moises: Nice.

Ricardo: Basically covering different things about Starbucks’s business and baristas and how they - their processes and new products and different coffee-related things. Like the differences between a light roast and a dark roast and random stuff like that. So if anyone’s interested, you can find that at Siren.Cafe, and that’s actually the URL. That’s a real domain name, believe it or not. How about your week?

Moises: Working retail, my week has been pretty much the same thing. You know, pack some boxes, yell at some people -

Ricardo: Kill any customers this week?

Moises: No. Not yet.

Ricardo: Not yet?

Moises: No, not this week. Surprisingly, they’ve been decent. But, other than that, I did get offered a job at a hospital, which I don’t think I’m gonna take, because it’s not really my cup of tea.

Ricardo: Yeah. Hospitals are weird. A lot of people get grossed out by hospitals. I don’t get grossed out, grossed out, but I do fear, working there every day, that I’m more likely to get sick. I don’t know if that’s a true fear or not, but that’s how it feels.

Moises: Yeah. Other than that, I’m excited for Issue 2, and I’m excited to see Comics ‘N’ Coffee has in store for the future.

Ricardo: Awesome. Let’s dive into it. So, you’re gonna start with our news segment. What news items do you have?

Moises: So one thing that I thought was really interesting is that Sony and Sony producer Amy Pascal are in the works for a Silk movie.

Ricardo: I’m not going to lie. I know nothing about Silk. What is that?

Moises: So it’s basically a female Spider-Man, in a way.

Ricardo: She’s a female Spider-Man that’s not Gwen Stacy?

Moises: Yeah, she’s not Gwen Stacy, and there’s also Spider-Woman. So, there’s a few of them. But, interestingly enough, her character, Cindy Moon, was in Spider-Man: Homecoming. She was part of the triathlon, I think? The group of nerds, basically, who went to - what a group of nerds. I’m gonna stick with triathlon. And she was only in there for a brief cameo. She obviously had no powers, but they’re in the works for a movie, and unfortunately that’s all we’re gonna get for now, because they’re not commenting on the matter.

Ricardo: You know, that’s interesting to me because remember, from the end of Homecoming, we get introduced to Mac? Mac Gargan. Scorpion. The current rumors that I’ve been seeing around Homecoming 2 is that the villain is going to be Ray Mysterio. So.

Moises: Did you just say -

Ricardo: Yeah I did just say Ray Mysterio, didn’t I? Although, that would be interesting too.

Moises: That would be interesting!

Ricardo: We already have a wrestler in Guardians of the Galaxy, right?

Moises: Oh yeah. Bautista.

Ricardo: Yeah. so. But no - not Ray Mysterio, but Mysterio.

Moises: It’s Jake Gyllenhaal rumored to be playing him?

Ricardo: Yeah, and that already excites me because I think he does great movies. He really gets into the roles. Do you think they’re gonna do something like in the original Spider-Man trilogy, where in the 3rd movie there was more than one villain, so the story’s kinda interweaving between the two? Or is Scorpion just not gonna be in that, and it’s just a brief cameo, and not something happening in the next movie?

Moises: Well, I honestly didn’t like how Spider-Man 3 had, what was it, 3 villains? 2? 3 villains.

Ricardo: 3 villains.

Moises: 3 12, if you count New Goblin.

Ricardo: 2 - so that’s 2 12, if you count New Goblin. You said 3 12.

Moises: Oh yeah, 2 12. Cause he was bad in the beginning, and he changed sides. I feel like it took away from giving us a proper Venom and a proper Sandman.

Ricardo: I disagree. I liked that about the movie a lot. It made me feel the same way Infinity War made me feel, where I was always on the edge of my seat. That’s why I go to these movies. I want to be wowed, with it full of action. Mind you, Venom in Spider-Man 3 was horrible. I don’t think that’s the reason why - this was a long time ago, but I remember reading something about how, what’s the director’s name again?

Moises: Sam Raimi.

Ricardo: Sam Raimi. He didn’t want to do Venom. He was pressured by someone at Sony because of the popularity of Venom to get him into the movie. From what I hear, that’s kind of the reason why Venom turned out the way it was. Because it was somewhat rushed. Somewhat - his heart wasn’t in it. Because that was never really the director’s plan. So, I think that’s one of the things. And with the new Venom movie coming out, hopefully Venom is much better. But yeah, I don’t think it was executed well. In any of the Avengers movies, you’ll see, they’re not necessarily villains, I guess, but you’ll see these big “hero or villain.” People have a lot of backstory. People have a lot of action or powers or whatever, and they do a good job of interweaving them together. I don’t know. It’s possible, but I feel like the end of the movie got me excited for Scorpion. And now we haven’t heard anything about it since. Although, and then also, remember, I don’t know if it’s a Venom comic or a Spider-Man comic, but isn’t there a storyline where Gorgon becomes Venom?

Moises: Yes.

Ricardo: He becomes a version of Venom, basically, he gets the symbiote. Maybe they’re waiting for the timing since the Venom movie is coming out. Maybe that’s something that could happen.

Moises: That’s definitely a possibility. I feel like, with the rights to each character, whichever studio has them, I think maybe that’s why we won’t see that any time soon. I believe Sony and Marvel just had the ability to use Spider-Man and not any other characters.

Ricardo: So let me say something about that and that actually leads into one of my news items. In terms of the rights, the last thing I heard when it comes to Spider-Man: technically, Sony retains the rights ultimately for Spider-Man. He’s basically on lease to Marvel Studios, where Marvel Studios gets to use him, which is the most important part, and also they get to write his lines, write the plot, and then run it by Sony. Make sure it’s okay. Versus Sony actually being involved in writing for the character for the MCU movies. I’m sure for Venom, they’ll do it completely, and if Spider-Man has a cameo in Venom, we don’t know yet, but if that was to happen, I would think Sony would just control that completely. I don’t even think that Marvel Studios would have any kind of say in that. So, speaking of rights, one thing I’d mentioned in Issue 1 was, Disney had made a bid for 20th Century Fox in order to get all the rights they have: for X-Men, Fantastic Four, all of that -

Moises: Deadpool.

Ricardo: Deadpool. They got outbid by Comcast, so last week I mentioned how Disney did a new bid. So, this week’s news is that the Department of Justice, which originally filed - I don’t know if it’s a suit, or whatever it’s called, an injunction, something like that - which is kind of automatic in this kind of case because these are two huge companies, to kind of make sure that everything goes okay, that it’s not going to form a monopoly or anti-trust, something like that. So they were trying to block it - they now approved the merger. Doesn’t mean it’s final yet, there’s still a lot that needs to happen. But the Department of Justice, which is basically representing the United States government, approved Disney buying 21st Century Fox. That’s a really big step, and this finally happened, us finally getting those characters. They only had one exception, which is really fair. They said that, if Disney was to buy 21st Century Fox, they want them to divest Fox’s sport networks. Basically, what that means is Fox owns Fox Sports, which is their main channel, but they own several other smaller sports channels for various different sports, some of them in different languages and stuff, some of them are local stations around the country. Disney already has a big sports presence. Disney owns ABC, which owns a few things relating to sports. Most importantly, Disney owns ESPN. ESPN is one of the largest sports networks in the world, right? And Disney owns that. That’s what the Department of Justice was worried about. They said they would approve it, pending Disney would not keep Fox’s sport networks. So they have to sell them. The merger happens, and then they immediately have to go and sell those sports networks off, so Disney doesn’t grow too much their sports empire, I guess. Disney said okay, so Disney’s okay with that. So far, so good. I’m freaking excited. We are so much closer. This definitely won’t happen, I think, before this year’s even over, but hopefully, if things go well, by 2019. Next year. I think maybe that things can start happening in terms of, I’m sure a full movie wouldn’t be made in a year, but in terms of cameos and plans.

Moises: Not a trailer, but at least, a script.

Ricardo: Yeah. I hear that there’s right now an X-Men movie in the works, so.

Moises: Oh really?

Ricardo: What happens with that?

Moises: Dark Phoenix, I believe?

Ricardo: Yeah. Cause that’s coming from current 21st Century Fox. I’m not sure what changes with that, what happens with that, but that’s something in the works. What else you got?

Moises: Oddly enough, Thor: Ragnarok was ranked the gayest movie in the MCU, and not gay in a bad way, but only because the person who wrote the article was homosexual. And the director - I can never pronounce his name -

Ricardo: The director of -

Moises: Thor: Ragnarok.

Ricardo: Oh. Yeah. Korg’s voice.

Moises: Yeah. Just Korg.

Ricardo: Yeah, you know what? Let’s just call - no, we can’t call him Korg. What if we want to refer to actual Korg?

Moises: Then we say actual Korg.

Ricardo: Okay. Alright.

Moises: So, Korg - he posted a picture of him in a fishnet shirt saying, I believe it was, “Suck on that, Tony” or “Suck on that, Mr. Stark,” referring, because, basically, what the author was saying was which movies tickle their gay nerves, I guess, in a way, the most. And I guess Thor: Ragnarok won because of Chris Hemsworth without a shirt, Hulk without a shirt. Tessa Thompson, gorgeous woman. I just thought it was funny that Korg didn’t take it wrongly. He actually was celebrating it and was excited that it was ranked #1.

Ricardo: Speaking of that, and Tessa Thompson, and Valkyrie, I believe you have another news item kind of around there. So why don’t you get into that?

Moises: Yes. So Kevin Feige confirms more LGBT characters for the future. I know many fans want Captain America and Bucky to be in a relationship, but I am strongly against that only because it’s not in the comics and that just seems ridiculous because Cap is with Agent Carter’s niece.

Ricardo: Yeah. That weird scenario.

Moises: Bucky is with Falcon - but Tessa Thompson -

Ricardo: Bucky and Falcon are Captain America’s groupies.

Moises: Tessa Thompson actually already wanted Valkyrie to be LGBT in the movies. Since that’s what she is in the comics.

Ricardo: Yeah, so that’s what I found interesting to me. I agree with you. I don’t want Captain America and Bucky to be together, in that whole gay romance thing, because it just doesn’t make sense for the plot especially for where the MCU already is. It’s just - that’s not who their characters are. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m against anything. Like you said, with Valkyrie, Valkyrie was gay in the comics. Or is gay in the comics. And she wasn’t in the movie. And that is actually what I found kind of strange. I actually would have hoped that they would have continued to have her be gay in the movie, except for that would have been disappointing to me because, like I said, she’s pretty hot. That would have been unfortunate.

Moises: She definitely had a tough exterior, her and Thor - it definitely looked like they had something going on.

Ricardo: Thor and Hulk. One of my favorite lines in that movie is when he calls her “angry girl.” I love that the Hulk is the one calling her angry girl. Some people, I guess, get upset about these kinds of things. I’m alright with it as long as that’s already how that character was.

Moises: What upset me was that they never showed how Hawkeye was disabled. In the comic books, he’s deaf. He has to use sign language, and he can read lips because he’s hard of hearing. In the movies, he wasn’t. So that was kind of a bummer.

Ricardo: To be fair, he’s one of the few that don’t have an origin movie, at least so far. Maybe if they did that, or if they ever do that, they could kind of go deeper into that. I guess it’s too late now, though. If he does get a solo movie, he can become deaf. They can still kind of add that element in, in a different way. There have been plenty of talk about Black Widow - of her getting a solo movie, right - as we know, they have a lot of history together. They worked together. Him and her could be in that movie. We can go and learn a little bit more about him. Maybe something happens to him -

Moises: One can only dream.

Ricardo: Yeah. So, I have a news item that I was really excited about. Once again, this whole episode, by the way, is gonna have a lot of spoilers. So, if you guys don’t already know that - stop listening now. Because there’s going to be spoilers for Luke Cage. There’s going to be spoilers for Infinity War and a bunch of other things. So, anyway, one of the things that people talked about for Infinity War is half the universe dies. So it’s not just half the heroes - it’s half the entire universe. People we didn’t even see on screen - half of them died. Of the main heroes that you see in that last epic battle, a lot of them, people were upset because some of the deaths didn’t quite make sense. For example, Black Panther dies. Spider-Man dies.

Moises: Who both have sequels approved.

Ricardo: Yeah, which - the whole Spider-Man thing still gets me a little emotional. They both have sequels coming up. So everyone’s like, well, why are they dying if they have sequels? Is there gonna be someone new? While that’s definitely something to discuss, let’s face it - at the end of the day, these are comic book movies. We know -

Moises: Anything can literally happen.

Ricardo: Yeah. Anything can happen. They’re probably all gonna come back. At least the ones that got quote-unquote dusted. I’m not sure when it comes to Gamora or -

Moises: Loki.

Ricardo: Or Loki.

Moises: Or Heimdall.

Ricardo: Yeah. I honestly don’t know. I don’t even have an opinion on whether they would come back or not. I feel like it’s so - it’s really hard to tell. As far as the people who got dusted, they’re likely gonna come back. People were questioning if who died and who didn’t had any significance. And Kevin -

Moises: Feige.

Ricardo: Yeah. I can’t say his last name. He finally talked about it recently - I think it was on Twitter? I’m not sure where it was. Oh no, no - it was to Gizmodo’s io9, if that’s how you pronounce it, I’m not sure. Their publication. He was talking to them about the characters that died, and he said that he’s not gonna go too much into any of the plot about what’s gonna happen, which characters are gonna come back or anything like that.

Moises: Makes sense. It’s still pretty early.

Ricardo: Yeah. But one hint that he gave, which blew my mind, it honestly did not occur to me was, he goes - everyone’s paying attention to who died and he said don’t pay attention to who died. What’s important is to pay attention to who survived. If you look at the epic battle at the end of Infinity War, the people who survived are the original Avengers. So if you go all the way back to Avengers 1, the main cast of Avengers 1 survives the end of Infinity War.

Moises: I honestly didn’t even notice that.

Ricardo: Exactly. Mind you, half of the universe is alive, so there’s also other people as well. But it’s the idea that, to kind of close out Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the original Avengers are the ones who are alive, although Tony Stark is far, far away from everybody else. So I don’t know how he gets back, but it’s going to be the original Avengers that are gonna have to do what they do best - and avenge. Because they lost in Infinity War. They lost. Avengers 4, whatever they happen to name it, is gonna be them doing what they do best and avenging the universe. Not even just earth this time. So they’re not just Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. At this point, they’re gonna be the universe’s mightiest heroes. So it’s the original cast, and I thought that was really, really cool and something - I’ve seen Infinity War 3 times now, and I did not realize that.

Moises: But, speaking on that, there was also a picture on Facebook that surfaced of that scene in Civil War when all the 6 characters are at the table discussing the Sokovia Accords. The 3 on the right all dusted and the 3 on the left did not, and Tony’s in the background away from everyone - and now he’s on Titan far away in space. I thought that was also pretty cool. Could that be foreshadowing, or could it just be coincidence?

Ricardo: Yeah, exactly! For someone who’s a big, big fan - I love these movies so much - I think maybe we look too much into things. So, yeah, that could easily be a coincidence or it could be foreshadowing. I wouldn’t put it past them. You know the whole thing in Iron Man 2, the whole thing about Peter Parker being the little kid. Even when they didn’t have the rights to Spider-Man, they threw that little nugget in there. I woudn’t put it past the MCU - directors, producers, all that - to have done that foreshadowing. What other news items do you have?

Moises: So, keeping in the genre of Kevin Feige, he actually claimed that there’s gonna be more female directors in the MCU. I’m not saying this idea was brought on by Wonder Woman being directed by Patty Jenkins, cause Wonder Woman did phenomenal in the box office - with fans, with critics - but, out of all the 20 new Marvel movies we’re gonna get, he claims that not all of them will have female directors, but a lot of them will. And I know Anna Boden, I don’t know if I’m pronouncing that correctly, is co-directing Captain Marvel. So, the first MCU movie with a female director.

Ricardo: You know what, we’re gonna get into Luke Cage in our next segment here, but many tv shows, at least nowadays especially - they always have their main director, of course, they now have directors per episode. They’ll pick a director to do an episode or 2. And I believe Luke Cage has multiple female directors that did a few of those episodes for season 2. So they’re definitely making a push there, which is great for everybody. It also gives different perspective and new opportunities for people. So that’s pretty awesome. Looks like you have a lot of news items. Anything else you want to cover?

Moises: Well, again with Kevin Feige - he believes that the DCEU, DC’s horrible extended universe, can learn from Richard Donner’s Spider-Man movie.

Ricardo: The D is for DC, the C is for crap. DC’s Crap Extended Universe.

Moises: Kevin Feige claims that that is the best DC movie to date.

Ricardo: Wait, what movie?

Moises: Richard Donner’s Spider-Man movie. With Christopher Reeve as Spider-Man, I believe? The very first, old movie.

Ricardo: It’s a DC movie? Really?

Moises: Yeah. Well, not DCEU, but he believes that’s the best DC movie out there.

Ricardo: Oh. I haven’t watched a lot of the recent movies because honestly, they just don’t look good to me. I’m not happy with the direction. But I did watch Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman was amazing. So much better than Justice League, which I also watched. I think her character was very muted in Justice League versus her movie, where they just portrayed her, like, amazing. But aside from that, I think most people would agree. I think the Dark Knight trilogy was amazing. All 3 of those movies were good, especially the middle one. Dark Knight itself, with the Joker. I don’t think anything could top that. Like I said, I don’t think they’ve been coming out with a lot of good things, but we’ll see. I hear all the time that the TV shows are really good, so -

Moises: Yeah, the animated shows are pretty decent.

Ricardo: Another news item I have, this is something we’ve already put out over social media - Facebook, Twitter, all that - James Gunn, on his Twitter account, tweeted a picture of him starting the screenplay for Guardians of the Galaxy 3. That means - 1. I’m just excited - but 1. He hasn’t started it. Which, mind you, I don’t think it’s coming out until 2020 anyway.

Moises: Wow.

Ricardo: It isn’t like we didn’t know that already so it’s gonna take a little while but it just makes me a little sad because this is more evidence that we’re not gonna get it soon.

Moises: It’s so close yet so far.

Ricardo: Exactly. So it’s really cool to know that it’s starting, it’s a nice little nugget that he took a little picture to share that.

Moises: Pretty cool.

Ricardo: Cool, any other news you want to share before we get to the main topic of this issue?

Moises: Okay, so one thing that I really found interesting was that in 2018, the 3 highest grossing films, domestically, are Marvel movies. Not necessarily MCU, but they rank as Black Panther, Infinity War, and Deadpool. With Black Panther hitting 699.6 million, Infinity War 667.6, and Deadpool 300.3 million.

Ricardo: Wow. If you were to expand that list for just movies, Disney has, cause Disney owns Marvel, Disney has their main Pixar titles in there, and Star Wars. So Disney itself as a huge movie company has a big chunk of that top list of movies for the last couple of years.

Moises: And that’s only domestic; that doesn’t include worldwide. That’s a lot of money.

Ricardo: Awesome. Alright, so, in today’s issue, we’re gonna cover 2 main topics. The first one’s gonna be a Luke Cage season 2 review. Once again, spoilers. And then after that, we’re gonna be talking about Ant-Man and the Wasp. That’s probably gonna be a shorter segment, but just any predictions and anticipations that we might have for the movie, because by the time this comes out, we will only be a couple of days away from the release of Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Moises: Yes.

Ricardo: By the time we record Issue 3, the movie will be out already and we’ll do our review of the movie. Let’s get started with Luke Cage season 2. Let’s get into that. I’m gonna start, because we’ve already briefly talked about Luke Cage in the last issue. One thing I really liked about season 1, I feel like they bring over to season 2, which was the music.

Moises: Definitely saw that in season 2, like how you mentioned the people performing in the episodes.

Ricardo: Yeah. Celebrities performing, some of them aren’t even necessarily celebrities that are, you know, hot right now, but celebrities going back into the early days of hip hop, which was really, really cool. And then, because of the plot, the storyline of the Yardies and the - the Stylers?

Moises: Stylers.

Ricardo: Once Bushmaster starts getting up in the club, you start to hear a lot of Jamaican music. Reggae, a little bit of dance hall. I love that. I don’t know if you know, I think you know a little bit about me - I’m half Puerto Rican, well, not half - I’m part Puerto Rican, part Jamaican, part Chinese.

Moises: Yeah. That blew my mind when I first heard that.

Ricardo: Yeah. I know nothing about my Chinese heritage, but I’m very much involved in my Puerto Rican culture, my Jamaican culture - and the majority of the music I listen to, if it’s not rap or hip hop, it’s Caribbean music. So, reggae, dance hall, calypso. All that kind of thing. So this was even better music for me and I loved how the music flowed. Something that I didn’t find out until I was several episodes in - for a lot of these episodes for season 2 of Luke Cage, they chose a song to be the soundtrack of the episode based on title. So they looked at the title and said what would sound good for the storyline. And then that’s what they named the episode after. So a lot of these episodes are named that way. And then, they’ve even tweaked the plot slightly to fit the tempo and the vibe of the song. Which I thought was really cool. Probably a lot of extra work for them. It’s something that really makes this show very unique compared to the other Defenders: Punisher, Daredevil, and all that, and other shows in general. Once again, I think Netflix is just kicking ass here. Cause Netflix is producing all of these, and they’re just doing an amazing job.

Moises: With that one episode where Cockroach is beating on his girlfriend, because he believed that she snitched to Luke Cage, we hear the music playing in the background and Luke Cage busts through and the music is still playing. It adds an extra element to it that make it seem more interesting and makes it better to watch all around.

Ricardo: Yeah, and a little element they do there is: he likes to fight with his earphones on, and whenever he takes them off, the music goes away, or dies down. And then, when he puts them back on, the music goes up again. So it’s almost like we’re getting his experience of those fights scenes as well, which is pretty cool.

Moises: I know - I don’t want to skip to the ending already, but do you want to talk about the ending real quick? Because I was not expecting that ending. At first I was a little confusing when he got mad, like, wait a second, why is he? - and then he started explaining and I was like oh - that makes no sense. What the hell?

Ricardo: So do you want to give a brief summary of the ending, or do you want me to do that?

Moises: You could do that. You can explain it better because I’m still a little confused.

Ricardo: Well, I’m confused as to a lot of the why, but I definitely know what happened. At the end of Luke Cage season 2, Mariah is finally arrested, she’s in jail, and because she’s not on the streets, she’s not quote unquote (we use quote unquote a lot in this episode) running Harlem, protecting Harlem, however you want to see it. She’s kind of out of the picture. All these other gangs take that as an opportunity - it’s a free-for-all. So it’s a bunch of chaos. I think that one episode said that crime went up 73%? Some crazy number like that. So, there’s a bunch of crime, all these bad things are happening, shootings, all these things happening to Harlem, and it’s because Mariah’s not there to protect the streets. So Luke Cage is trying to figure out what to do. I remember this one part where this girl says “So-and-so got shot, this and that, you need to do something.” He’s like, “I’m trying.” He decides to go talk to these gangs. He decides to go, he fights them off, Luke Cage doesn’t really kill people, but he fights them off, he incapacitates them, and then he goes to the - I think she’s Puerto Rican? - the Puerto Rican gang leader, I think she’s Puerto Rican.

Moises: She speaks Spanish, that’s all I know.

Ricardo: Yeah, I know Shades is Puerto Rican, which is cool. So anyway, he goes to her, and they broker a deal. He’s telling her that she needs to stay out of his territory, that Harlem’s his territory. And of course she tells him no. Because why would she do that? She has this whole thing that, she’s basically partnered with a lot of the Russians, so that if Luke Cage were to try to take her out, he would have to deal with the Russians. The Russians would come after him, so she’s like, “You aren’t gonna do anything to me.”

Moises: And not just him. She said that she would have them shoot up schoolyards and parks, which I thought was pretty horrible.

Ricardo: Yeah, horrible. But also, don’t these people also have families and kids? Aren’t their own people gonna get hurt? But anyway. In order to stop the violence, he brokers a deal with her where he says that you can’t go above this street, you can’t go below this street, basically boxing off Harlem as his area. I won’t mess with you if you do anything outside this area. As long as you don’t go inside this area. For anybody who knows anything about how gangs work, that’s very much how gangs work. They all have their territories and a lot of the time they broker deals like that with each other. Where as long as you don’t go into my territory, I won’t go into your territory, we leave each other alone. So that was kinda the first sign there. And as the episode goes on, you realize that he’s slowly becoming, and he says this too, the king of Harlem. He says someone has to run it, someone who’s not the cops because they’re not doing a good enough job. So he’s gonna become the king of Harlem. That’s where things get a little scary. Because he’s sort of becoming his own crime boss. Now, he’s not killing people, he’s not technically doing crime, so to speak -

Moises: He’s not doing things legally, either.

Ricardo: Yeah, and he’s becoming that figurehead, that crime boss that - like Kingpin was in Hell’s Kitchen, right? The very end of the show kind of puts a stamp on “Luke Cage is now a crime boss” kind of thing where Mariah, in her will, cause she dies in jail, gives him Harlem’s Paradise. So, she gives him the club. Her concept is: that club is basically the castle. Whoever’s running Harlem has the club. She wants him to run Harlem, she knows he’s going to run Harlem, so she gives him the club. In a weird, evil villain kind of twist, she says she knows, given time, it’s going to corrupt him. She knows that Luke Cage is going to become corrupted. When you’re powerful like that, when you’re the boss, the club is going to get to his head, and he’s basically going to become the next Cottonmouth. Become the next Mariah Dillard - Mariah Stokes. So, it was not what I expected. And then the very last shot was of Luke Cage in that little glass thing up in the top where he overlooks the club, and he looks very much like Cottonmouth did in season 1 and how Mariah did in season 2.

Moises: I think the thing about that is, with Cottonmouth and Mariah, they actually show the crown above them. With Luke, they showed it a little bit off. That tells me he’s not exactly a crime boss yet, but eventually the crown will fit into place, if that makes any sense.

Ricardo: Maybe, yeah. It was very shocking to me. I didn’t expect that ending. It makes me wonder because, I guess except for Loki in the movies, I don’t think we’ve really seen a hero, a proper hero, become a bad guy in the MCU. The closest is the Punisher, but he wasn’t really a proper hero in the first place. He’s not a full villain, either. He’s just off doing his own thing. That’s who he is, you know, he’s - I don’t think that’s going to change. But Luke Cage was definitely the whole hero icon kind of person, and season 2 didn’t end well for that. If there’s a season 3, cause I haven’t heard anything about it, he potentially can become the new bad guy. And if Deadpool comes - not Deadpool - Daredevil! If Daredevil comes back, cause there is a season 3 in the works, and, you know, supposedly he’s dead, but if he comes back, Hell’s Kitchen is not far from Harlem. Maybe he’s something he’ll have to contend with, now.

Moises: Speaking of the last episode, I know when they show Tilda walking into the club she has that weird hairstyle - that hairstyle actually resembles her comic book character, Nightshade, where she’s a villain. They never mention her character Nightshade, but they do mention nightshade the plant that gives Bushmaster his powers and all that. So who knows, if there is a season 3, maybe she’ll come back as a villain. Because you know, when the lawyer was reading Mariah’s will, you could see that -

Ricardo: You could see her face, yeah.

Moises: - she was pissed off that he got Harlem’s Paradise and she only got the keyboard.

Ricardo: Yeah. Again, that’s how Harlem’s Paradise and her family works. It’s her legacy, so even if she didn’t like it at the beginning, especially with her mother gone, there could definitely be a plot thing where she’s gonna wanna come back to her legacy. Just like Bushmaster said, that’s in her family. She wasn’t too fond of her mother, but her mother ran it, and before that, Cottonmouth ran it. As we see when she goes through the cemetery, she is a fan of Cottonmouth. She was really close to him. Maybe not necessarily for her mother, but maybe for Cottonmouth, she might want to claim Harlem’s Paradise and keep the family legacy going.

Moises: Or maybe just creating a legacy for herself. Because she corrects everyone at the end when they call her Stokes or Dillard, she says it’s Johnson.

Ricardo: Well, again, this is the whole history repeating itself, because it’s the same thing Mariah did with Dillard.

Moises: That is true.

Ricardo: The entire two seasons she’s correcting people to say she’s Dillard because she wants to put away her past. And guess what happens. She ends up embracing it. So I think that’s also a little bit of history repeating itself, where she’s correcting people, saying it’s Johnson, but I bet you she’ll embrace the whole Stokes legacy soon enough in season 3. Speaking of Nightshade, did you notice the similarities between Nightshade and the story about how it’s grown from the ground, it’s natural, it’s only from Jamaica - and I forget what it’s called, but what they use in Black Panther, that bulb-like plant that turns you into the Black Panther. How it’s natural, grows from the ground, and you can only find it in Wakanda?

Moises: It definitely had some characteristics.

Ricardo: Yeah. At first I actually thought they were the same thing. Then I found out that they’re not. But I noticed a lot of similarities there, in terms of this natural thing is not something from space, per se, it’s not a freak experiment like Luke Cage. These are both natural things that give people abilities. Though I guess the difference between Black Panther and Bushmaster is that nightshade is temporary. It’s not - it’s doesn’t really change your body, and then you have these powers, and then that’s it. It wears off and you have to re-up on it if you want to keep those powers.

Moises: Speaking of Bushmaster, at the end of the season we see or hear that he goes to Jamaica to get more nightshade. Cause he was weakened when he went into Harlem’s Paradise to try and kill Mariah. The only problem with that is, do you think he’ll be happy that someone else killed Mariah? Cause the whole season, he wanted to be the one to kill her.

Ricardo: That’s a good question. Here’s my theory. I think yes, and here’s why. In the last, maybe, 3 or 4 episodes, I started to wonder if maybe Bushmaster and Tilda might end up having a thing. Because, remember, at first she was his prisoner, he tried to burn them and stuff, but, as she starts to realize all the horror of her family, she kinds of helps him out more and more and, to the point that, remember, she helps him get into the club. She doesn’t even have to do that. She volunteered that last piece. She’s to the point where she’s going out of her way to help him. And I have a feeling - complete theory, I have nothing to actually back this up - but I think maybe they’ll start developing feelings for each other. Or at least for now they definitely have mutual respect.

Moises: Yeah. And they could do a partnership to help take down Luke Cage.

Ricardo: I think, if they do start developing feelings, Bushmaster and Tilda can be the next Mariah and Shades. Where he may not be happy that someone else killed her, killed Mariah, but if it’s her, and they have a thing, then it’s okay because she did that for me maybe. She killed her own mother. Maybe there’s that, and if he comes back, and she’s trying to get the club from Luke Cage, they team up. So her and him can be the next Shades and Mariah, possibly.

Moises: Okay.

Ricardo: I just wanna talk about one of my favorite lines from the show. I forget what episode it’s at but, after Misty already has her arm, and they’re getting ready to team up and go F shit up basically, I think Luke Cage makes a joke first about you can be my sidekick, and then she was like no, you can be my sidekick, right?

Moises: She was like, “How do you know you’re not my sidekick?”

Ricardo: Yeah. And he goes, “That’s because this is my show.” And, once again, maybe I’m looking too much into it. I know what he means, this is his plan, this is what his mission for Harlem is, so it’s his show, but we’re literally watching a show called Luke Cage. I found that really, really funny and I definitely laughed out loud at that.

Moises: He’s breaking the 4th wall without breaking the 4th wall, in a way.

Ricardo: Yeah, he did a little Deadpool kinda thing there, which I thought was really cool. Speaking of that, actually I don’t know if you have this as one of your items so I hope I’m not stealing your thunder here, but when they’re at Rand’s building and they’re getting attacked by Bushmaster’s crew, the father’s at - he’s not on the ledge, he’s kind of at the window, maybe? And he sees what’s about to happen. He sees all these people pulling up in the cars, and he just goes “Sweet Christmas.” And then, within seconds, the camera goes to Luke Cage - he’s somewhere else, but he’s also seeing what’s happening, and he also goes “Sweet Christmas.” A nice little father-son moment, there. I thought that was pretty cool.

Moises: Speaking of Sweet Christmas, I love how, when they introduce Danny Rand into the season, and they go into the warehouse where they’re creating all the Bushmaster drugs and all that, he actually has a Sweet Christmas hoodie on.

Ricardo: Yeah, I forgot about that.

Moises: So I thought that was hilarious. He went to the barber shop he saw the hoodie and he paid for the hoodie, and he’s wearing that to fight crime. I thought that was hilarious.

Ricardo: Yeah. That’s awesome. Whether you go back to how Danny Rand got his powers, the whole Asia thing, or even his business CEO let-me-dress-up-nice look, it’s definitely not his style. But he’s walking around in a yellow hoodie that says Sweet Christmas. That was priceless. Little things like that.

Moises: I believe they call him the barefoot billionaire. Misty calls him that a couple times.

Ricardo: I love when shows can do little things like that. It makes me enjoy it just a little bit more. I know you wanted to talk about Misty’s arm.

Moises: So, in the comic books, she does have the arm, which I thought that was cool that they mentioned that and they actually gave her the arm. The only problem is that in the comics, she had powers with it, in a way. Not powers, but she had a pulse blast when Tony Stark made it. And when Danny Rand made it, she had psychic abilities. I could be mistaken on this.

Ricardo: Wait, so, Danny Rand also made it in the comics? It wasn’t just Tony Stark?

Moises: Yeah, it was both. The thing with Danny Rand’s comic book arm - it gave her psychic powers. And I kind of got that vibe when she was trying to determine how a crime scene happened.

Ricardo: Have you finished season 1 yet?

Moises: Yes.

Ricardo: Cause if you watch season 1, she has that in season 1. I don’t know if you’d call it psychic. They never fully explain it, and they never describe it as a power. She definitely has intense moments of focus where she can look at evidence, pictures and all that, and kind of see herself in that scenario. She definitely has a focus ability kind of thing, but I don’t know if it’s considered a power. Or are they just trying to show something about her that makes her a good detective?

Moises: That makes more sense. And plus, with shows like this, and a movie, you have to keep things a little bit realistic, even though it is a comic book movie or show. That also relates to when Luke Cage asks Danny if he really punched a dragon or if it was someone named dragon. It’s funny that he says, you know, you’re bulletproof, this and that, and you can’t accept the fact that dragons are real? So I think that, even though some things have to be realistic, some things don’t, so he actually did punch a dragon.

Ricardo: If you want to talk about partnerships real quick - throughout the season, there’s this moment where Luke Cage and Misty team up. Mind you, they kinda sorta team up the whole season, but in terms of actually fighting, which I thought was really cool. And then there was also another moment, as you mentioned earlier, where him and Danny team up and they’re fighting people. But, what I did not expect - Luke Cage and Bushmaster, the villain of the series, of the show, of the season, sorry, they team up and they fight. Not only was it unexpected - I loved the way they fought together. It was amazing - and how Bushmaster ended up hitting Luke Cage during the fight which was, you know.

Moises: I actually had to replay it a few times to see if it was on purpose or if he just missed one of the goons.

Ricardo: Yeah. I thought it was really cool, and it was definitely one of those moments, like with the Punisher and Daredevil, I like those little team ups and I hope to see more of it. It was, I don’t know, it was just really nice to see them together and with the music in that scene as well, it was greatly filmed.

Moises: I thought it was really cool when Luke Cage says we’re doing it my way, you know, no killing, and Bushmaster actually agreed with it just so he could clear his name. That he wasn’t the one selling the drugs. So he’s not actually a bad guy.

Ricardo: Actually, speaking of similarities between nightshade and what they use in Black Panther, I think we have we have another similarity in terms of villain storylines, here, between Killmonger and Bushmaster. They’re definitely both villains. At the end of the day, we can agree that they both kill people senselessly. That’s a villain.

Moises: Yeah. Killmonger choked up an old woman.

Ricardo: That’s not right. However, they both have -

Moises: - strong messages.

Ricardo: Yeah. Even if they’re not legally justified in the things that they do, they have good reasons for it. And notice those reasons stem back to family. It’s something about family and their family, or their part of the family, getting destroyed, killed, whatever you want to call it, that kind of leads to this. There’s this parallel between Black Panther and Luke Cage as well. One thing I kinda said, and I wonder what’s gonna happen now for season 3 of Luke Cage, is that Reginald E. Cathey, I think his name is, that’s the actor who played Luke Cage’s father. The old guy with the swag, basically. We see, at the end of season 2, that they have a little message for him - so, he died. Notice, in the last two episodes I think it was, he isn’t even in those episodes. Mind you, maybe just for plot reasons, he didn’t -

Moises: He just left Harlem.

Ricardo: Yeah, but also, it could be that he didn’t have a chance to finish filming his role for those last couple episodes. But unfortunately, he passed away during the filming of Luke Cage season 2, so what do you think is gonna happen? How do they explain that? I mean, they can replace him - it’s not like the MCU hasn’t done that before. They replaced Rhodey, they replaced Bruce Banner - they didn’t even explain either one. They just replaced the actor and kept going. So they can definitely do that. Personally, I feel like, how Reginald played the father was very memorable to me. So I don’t think it would be easy to replace him. So I wonder if they just don’t talk about it, if they just don’t mention him much for season 3, or if they just kill him off.

Moises: Well I know for season 2, there’s a thing about family. So that could be why he was such a big part of season 2. In season 3, they might not need him as much, so maybe they’ll just refer to flashbacks or they’ll just mention him by name.

Ricardo: They can’t do flashbacks, though, cause even with flashbacks you have to film it still.

Moises: Even with season 2, they had flashbacks, showing the father in prison, so. So that’s already been filmed.

Ricardo: Yeah, but I don’t think there’s any flashbacks that are already filmed for season 3 is what I’m saying.

Moises: Yeah.

Ricardo: But one thing I will say - if there’s a season 3, if they try to redeem him for season 3, maybe they don’t mention him at the beginning, and maybe halfway through season 3, you hear about how this whole gangster thing and him running Harlem, maybe one of the other gangs kills his father. And we don’t get to see it, but they kill his father. And that’s when he realizes what this whole life is doing to him, and that’s when he redeems himself and gets away from all of that in season 3.

Moises: That’s also a fair possibility.

Ricardo: So we’re running low on time - anything else you want to talk about for Luke Cage before we get to our next topic?

Moises: Nothing more than it’s a great series and I’m definitely gonna finish watching season 1, and if you haven’t checked it out, I strongly urge that you do.

Ricardo: Yeah. They’re both really great shows. I really like it. Alright, our next topic for this issue is going to be Ant-Man and the Wasp predictions and expectations. I feel like you’re gonna have a lot more to talk about this than me, so I’m gonna go first and get my stuff out of the way. I’m really excited. I saw Ant-Man late - I never saw Ant-Man in theatres. I actually saw it with my girlfriend maybe a year or more after it already came out. We saw it together, she’d already seen it, and it was hilarious. I was actually upset with myself that I never saw it in theatres because of that. So because of that, I’m very excited.

Moises: I remember when I saw it - I just remember seeing it - I don’t know if it was on bootleg or on showbox, I definitely know it wasn’t in theatres -

Ricardo: You’re from the Bronx, so it was probably on bootleg.

Moises: Yeah. Probably. The guy on the corner selling. No - the Asian ladies who go into McDonald’s saying movies, DVDs. If you’re from New York, you’ll get that. I’m assuming they’re everywhere too.

Ricardo: Yeah, Well, I don’t know. I’m trying to remember. I used to live in Florida and I don’t remember bootlegs being out there. At least not the DVD bootlegs. The online bootlegs or different downloads. I honestly don’t know too much about Ant-Man from the comics, and I’ve only seen the movie a few times, but one thing I did read is people were asking about storyline placement for this movie - where in the timeline that it happens. So one thing that was confirmed was that Ant-Man and the Wasp happens before Infinity War. So while we watch this movie, it’s going to be before Thanos comes to earth, all the stuff happens, the world won’t be falling apart just yet. But one thing that makes me think about is the MCU is famous for their post-credit scenes. So I’m wondering if Ant-Man and the Wasp will end with the events of Infinity War starting - as the movie’s ending, he sees the news and something’s happening for example when, damn, what’s his name? The guy who starts off Infinity War, he brings that big circle thing, the spaceship, into Manhattan, like how Infinity War starts. So maybe he sees that on the news at the end of this movie, and that’s how it leads into it, or maybe they do it as a post-credit scene. I’m not sure.

Moises: Maybe they just do it where they show Hope Van Dyne dusting away, or Hank Pym dusting away, or somebody dusting away that gets him involved in the fight.

Ricardo: Yeah, so I was about to say - they also confirmed that Ant-Man is going to be in Avengers 4. So, definitely this movie is going to be before Infinity War, but he will also be in Avengers 4, so maybe they have some bridge for that. We’ll see. But what do you have?

Moises: One thing I found pretty interesting: they mentioned Goliath in the trailer, who is also known as Bill Foster. In the comic books, he’s actually married to Claire Temple, who we know is in the Street Brothers shows that can possibly lead up to a team up or a cameo from them, saying oh, this is my ex-wife, she now deals with superheroes in New York, or something like that. A funny little side joke or something like that.

Ricardo: I would love to see them reference the Street Brothers in the movies, because the Street Brothers have referenced the movies. They’ve talked about Captain America, they’ve talked about the big green monster, so they have made references. So they are all in the same universe, even though we don’t see those characters. They have made references to the movie characters. Vice versa, I don’t think any of the movies have made any references to the Street Brother characters, which is kind of unfortunate. I’ve always thought they would do something at least with Daredevil. Out of all the Street Brothers, Daredevil is the only one that’s very much a superhero kind of person, down to the whole suit. He’s the only one that has a superhero suit. Cause Jessica Jones is just her. Luke Cage is just him. Frank Castle has his little skull thing, but -

Moises: He kind of just mass murders.

Ricardo: Yeah. Which, by the way, I can’t wait for season 2 of that. I’m so looking forward to that. But yeah that would be a pretty interesting crossover, Easter egg, down to the show. So hopefully they do that.

Moises: And in the comics, he has a nephew that takes up the mantle of Goliath, so hopefully they’ll mention Thomas Foster, maybe not as a full character, but you know like, oh, my nephew Thomas, blah blah blah. Or whatever the case may be. That can also make way for seeing Goliath in action. Cause he’s played by Laurence Fishburne, I believe. He’s pretty old now, so I don’t think they’re gonna show him fighting anyone. So maybe for the future they’ll have someone dressed as Goliath.

Ricardo: Do you think with the shrinking, so that you can go in between the whole molecules thing, that they’re gonna find the guy’s wife in this movie?

Moises: Hank’s wife? I believe - I hope they will. Because they do show a scene in the trailer where they’re in the sub-particle dimension, I believe it’s called.

Ricardo: Yeah, cause that’s where his wife was trapped, or lost, or whatever,

Moises: And Michelle Pfeiffer is actually cast as Hank’s wife. So it can either be for a flashback or her coming back.

Ricardo: Huh. Well, I didn’t know that. We’ll see soon enough! That lends itself to her possibly being found. Did you see Stranger Things?

Moises: Yeah.

Ricardo: So Barb, they find her body. Eventually, they find her body, but she’s dead. So that could also be the whole - they do find her, but maybe she’s not alive, kind of thing. They could do a Stranger Things -

Moises: That would be heartbreaking.

Ricardo: Yeah, but the MCU, this is gonna sound mean, the MCU already has enough characters.

Moises: Yeah, they do, but what’s one more? So one thing I found extremely hilarious is, you know the scene in the trailer where the building shrinks down, and he pulls out luggage thing? Are all the equipment bolted to the ground? Cause if not, he’s moving around with that, everything’s just going to be completely messed up once he enlarges it back. And I just thought that was interesting. I doubt though they’ll mention it. But that’s a thing I find hilarious.

Ricardo: I feel like it’ll be a thing like, they won’t go into the physics of it so that they don’t have to explain it, and kind of keep the story going.

Moises: And what if there was someone in there, like a maintenance man?

Ricardo: I believe another thing you see for one of the trailers, cause if you remember from Civil War, when he goes giant at the airport, he says that he’s never done it before, and he hopes he doesn’t rip in half. I believe we see in the trailers for the second movie - he gets bigger!

Moises: Significantly bigger.

Ricardo: I don’t know if there’s a specific name for that, but he goes huge!

Moises: In the comic books, that’s just considered Giant Man. There’s Ant-Man and then Giant Man. Same person, but different hero, in a way.

Ricardo: Moniker.

Moises: Yeah. Though I don’t know if they’ll mention the name Giant Man, but that would be pretty cool.

Ricardo: Yeah. In terms of vibe, I definitely think we’ll go back to the original Ant-Man and that vibe and Thor: Ragnarok where it’s a very light and funny movie. It’s gonna be a break from all the horror that’s happened in Infinity War and all the stress and anxiety from that movie. I feel like Ant-Man is supposed to be our little break.

Moises: Or it could just be that Marvel’s just cushioning the blow for Avengers 4, and that scares me as well.

Ricardo: Yeah.

Moises: Here’s a cupcake before your death sentence, or something.

Ricardo: Yeah. Although, we still have Captain Marvel afterwards. It’s this movie, then Captain Marvel, then Avengers 4, which we still don’t have the title for.

Moises: It’s Infinity War: Part 2. Sticking with that title.

Ricardo: Yeah. Actually I don’t have this as a news item, but it’s something we should mention, cause it happened this week. Did you hear that Tom Holland leaked the title for the next Homecoming movie?

Moises: Far From Home, I think.

Ricardo: Yeah. So, the question is, what does that mean? Anyway, I say that because he’s in space. So I know that many people are saying that that’s what the title’s about, the fact that he’s in space. When I was reading about the filming of the movie, they’re filming in all these different cities, including London. Clearly he’s not gonna be in space for long. So I don’t know if Far From Home refers to him being in space, or just him not being in New York cause he’s traveling the country, or not really the country but the world, and all these different places. Also, what the hell is he doing in London? But I guess also it means that, regardless of what happens in Avengers 4, he comes back. So that happened in the past week, we forgot to talk about that. Anything else you want to talk about Ant-Man and the Wasp? Any predictions before the next episode goes out?

Moises: Based on the trailer, it looks like that they’re all on the run. Hank Pym and Hope Van Dyne, they’re surrounded by soldiers, having guns pointed at them. Why do you think they’re on the run? I honesty can’t tell if it’s because they helped Scott after Civil War, after Captain America broke him out, because in the beginning of the trailer, they show him under house arrest. So if they caught him for escaping the prison, it was called The Raft, why not just put him back?

Ricardo: I think there’s two possibilities, and one of them is that, I think he escapes. I think why they don’t put him back is the same thing with Hawkeye, the same thing they mentioned in Infinity War about why they weren’t there. Because they both have families. He is a hero, but he’s not at the same level as the Avengers, so he isn’t royally dangerous, I think, and he has a family, he has a daughter that he’s worried about, so maybe they have some empathy with him there. And maybe that’s why they put him on house arrest. So he’s still kind of in trouble, but they allow him, you know, to try to have a relationship with his daughter. The rest of them don’t have family. So that could be why. But also, related to the first movie, maybe it’s still about the technology. Maybe people are still after him because of the technology. The military wants it, that other company wants it, and just trying to get it back to use it for their own purposes. So there’s that. I feel like Marvel has been doing more and more cameos. Do you want to make a prediction about who not from Ant-Man might make a cameo in this movie? Just like how Danny Rand made a cameo in Luke Cage? No?

Moises: I can’t think of anybody.

Ricardo: I don’t know. I wouldn’t be surprised if Falcon or something made an appearance.

Moises: He made an appearance in the first one.

Ricardo: They started a relationship there. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Falcon or Hawkeye, since we haven’t seen Hawkeye, and I don’t know when they filmed this, but fans have been wanting to see him and they were upset that he wasn’t gonna be in Infinity War even before Infinity War came out.

Moises: Myself included.

Ricardo: Cause he was missing from all the promotional materials, you know? So maybe, if they were filming this while the promotional materials were coming out and they heard about Hawkeye not being there and people being upset, maybe they gave him a little cameo in here as well. The whole family man kind of thing. I would say maybe Hawkeye or Falcon - and they’re both birds. So maybe one of those make a cameo.

Moises: They show Hawkeye and Ant-Man having kind of a relationship when he shot him from the arrow, which is also mimicking that famous comic book cover. So maybe he could appear in Ant-Man.

Ricardo: We’ll see. I’m excited. I guess so, we’re seeing it on the 5th, right? So we’re seeing it on July 5th at night. A week from now, right?

Moises: Exactly a week from now.

Ricardo: Oh, actually, yeah, now that I think about it, that’s when we record, right? Interesting. I guess we should delay our recording.

Moises: Record on Friday morning or something.

Ricardo: Yeah, so our next episode, which would be Volume 1, Issue 3, will be covering Ant-Man and the Wasp. It’ll be our review of what happens in the movie and what we thought about it.

Moises: If any of our predictions come true or if we just look stupid.

Ricardo: Exactly. I’m not gonna lie, if my predictions come true with that cameo, I’m gonna be so frickin’ excited. Cool. Alright buddy, we’re going to head out. Don’t forget, if you have any questions or feedback, you can contact us on Twitter @comics_ncoffee. On Facebook at facebook.com/comicsncoffee, and on our website comicsncoffee.com. Thank you for listening.

Moises: Have a good night, guys.