Volume 1 Issue 1: Anticipating Luke Cage Season 2 & The Street Brawlers

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In this issue we discuss what we're looking forward to in season 2 of Luke Cage as well as what we like about all the Marvel Street Brawler series.


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Moises: Hey, welcome to the Comics ‘N’ Coffee podcast. We’re your hosts, Moises Lopez and Ricardo Feliciano. This is Volume 1, Issue 1. So Ricardo, how was your day today?

Ricardo: I’m so tired. I don’t know why I’m so tired. It’s probably not great to be so tired recording our issue one episode, but that’s Friday. Friday for us. It won’t be Friday by the time this goes out, but yeah, otherwise I had a good day. How about you?

Moises: My day? My morning was surprisingly good and it’s kind of suspicious - like I feel like something bad is going to happen eventually, but yeah, I’m exhausted too. I got up at 4:00 AM for work. You know. I want to sleep, but our fans, gotta do what’s best for our fans.

Ricardo: I think it’s safe to say after recording this podcast we are going to sleep, or at least I am.

Moises: I will definitely pass out.

Ricardo: Alright, so umm let’s get into some news here. So we’re going to talk about some Marvel and DC news for the past week. I’m going to go ahead and say right now, this is probably heavily skewed to Marvel stuff.

Moises: Like a hundred percent.

Ricardo: Yeah. I don’t even know if we have any DC news today. But um, yeah. So what’s your first news item?

Moises: Well, I know Marvel comics is releasing a new issue called Mr. and Mrs. X, which comes out July 25th. Now I know Marvel urges you to read X-Men Gold #30 because that is the wedding of Kitty Pryde and Colossus. Now, why they urge you to read that first, I have no clue, but I thought the cover was interesting because Mr. and Mrs. X is basically referring to Gambit and Rogue who are getting married and in the cover they make Gambit look like John Krasinski from The Office.

Ricardo: From The Office?

Moises: From The Office, yeah. The nose is spot on. Even the hair. He kind of has that swish. I don’t know if you’d - like, from like seasons five and so on.

Ricardo: Yeah.

Moises: He has that hair and I don’t know, I don’t know if you know this, but John Krasinski was actually in line to play Captain America, but backed out because he saw Chris Hemsworth’s muscles. I guess he thought he couldn’t live up to that expectation.

Ricardo: Wait, Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans?

Moises: Chris Hemsworth. Thor. 
Ricardo: Oh. 
Moises: Yes.

Ricardo: Oh, okay. I see what you’re saying. 
Moises: Actually, I think it was both. 
Ricardo: Yeah, I would - I would be intimidated too, though.

Moises: Yeah, the man is a god, literally.

Ricardo: And you know, it’s funny that you say that he looks like a Jim from The Office though, because if you remember, I forget which season of The Office it was, but Pam makes him a present and she makes him his own little comic. Yeah. So Jim is - Jim has been in comics before. This isn’t his first time. A news item that I wanted to talk about, I’m going to say two: one of them is Luke Cage season two is out as we’re recording this. It comes out today, June 22nd.

Moises: We haven’t seen it yet, but hopefully by next episode we’ll have watched it.

Ricardo: And by the time this podcast is actually published, Luke Cage would have been out, so by our next podcast we’ll be talking about it, but we’re also going to be talking about it more later in this episode. Well, that’s one item, but what’s most exciting for me is the whole bidding war that’s been happening right now with 20th Century Fox. Just remember, I forget how long ago it was, maybe a couple months ago, it was announced that Disney put in a bid for 20th Century Fox, which made most fans go nuts.

Moises: Including myself.

Ricardo: Because this means Marvel Studios might actually have access again to X-Men, to Deadpool, to I don’t know what else. What else does 20th Century Fox have? X-Men, Deadpool -

Moises: Fantastic 4.

Ricardo: Fantastic 4, and also an interesting tidbit here: the way the contracts were written, not only does 20th Century Fox have the rights to X-Men, like the name and as a group in Mutants, they specifically have the right to Wolverine, which I thought was really interesting since he’s an X-Men, he’s already included. But in the contract, they made sure to specifically say Wolverine, which I thought was pretty interesting.

Moises: I’m pretty sure that’s what everyone’s most excited about to see: Wolverine join the MCU.

Ricardo: Yeah, but then Hugh Jackman.

Moises: If Hugh Jackson is listening, we can urge him to - to rejoin for at least one movie or I’ll even be fine with a post credit scene to be honest.

Ricardo: Yeah. He just needs to make a cameo. If he makes a cameo in any Marvel MCU movie and - I’d be so happy.

Moises: In the yellow suit. It has to be the yellow suit, not that black crap from the first three.

Ricardo: Especially since he hasn’t, he hasn’t done it even in 20th Century Fox. So yeah, that would be cool.

Moises: We only glimpse the brown, the brown one at the end of The Wolverine, which was pretty cool, but no one wants to see a suitcase with a suit. I want to see it on him.

Ricardo: I think Marvel Studios bringing him in even for cameo, they’d do great. Especially with the rumors of, of, uh, Avengers 4, Infinity War Part 2, whatever you want to call it.

Moises: It’s Infinity War Part 2.

Ricardo: That there’s all this talk about time travel and stuff like that. Maybe with time travel, there’s dimension, there’s dimension travel and maybe they can go to the dimension in Logan, spoiler alert, where Logan dies and bring him, like prevent that or something. Something, something silly where they’re just like fighting through - through a dimension and they accidentally get blocked, like, they accidentally run over the, the Wolverine clone, and he’s dead. Thanos accidentally kills him. So then the real Wolverine is alive, but who knows? You never know.

Moises: Actually. Even just having Dafne Keen, who played X-23, in the MCU would be freaking amazing.

Ricardo: Well, yeah, I think hopefully, especially because of her age, and she’s so young, there’s plenty of opportunity for her to come back and play X-23 in the movies so she at least should be able to join us. Good point. 
Moises: I don’t even want a grown-up version. I want that specific little girl in the MCU.

Ricardo: It’s - Wolverine’s already, like, a ruthless kind of character. But to see such a little girl doing the things that she did, it makes it so much more amazing because you wouldn’t, you wouldn’t expect that. But yeah. So Disney bidding on 20th Century Fox to get all these rights was news a couple months ago and they bid 52.4 billion for it.

Moises: I will never see that much money in my life.

Ricardo: Yeah. And, and as exciting as that was, not too long ago, Comcast, a company I’m not particularly a fan of, came in and they offered 65 billion with 20th Century Fox.

Moises: So who is Comcast? I’ve actually never heard of them before.

Ricardo: Really? So Comcast is a huge, huge company with their namesake, Comcast, where they’re really famous or infamous for is being an ISP, Internet service provider, and television provider. So they’re like a cable company that provides TV service, Internet service, and they’re not too great, particularly, particularly in customer support, which is their big issue. But -

Moises: So maybe that’s why they bid for 20th Century Fox.

Ricardo: Comcast has a lot of properties under them and I forget which one, but I want to say Universal. No. Is it Universal?

Moises: Universal Studios?

Ricardo: One of the, one of the movie studios Comcast owns, just like how Sony has Sony Pictures. Sony also has -

Moises: Paramount Pictures.

Ricardo: Paramount. One of those studios is owned by Comcast and -

Moises: Tristar? Tristar might - but is that still Paramount because it still has the same basic opening?

Ricardo: I don’t know. But um, but yeah, so Comcast, they already own a movie studio and now they’re trying to buy 20th Century Fox. So.

Moises: Okay.

Ricardo: So now they want another one. So that’s a little dangerous, little, you know, kind of makes me scared. But this week’s news is that Disney decided to up their bid. So Disney really, really wants to get these rights. I think we really, really want to get these rights. So Disney’s original bid was 52.4 billion.

Moises: Okay.

Ricardo: Comcast came in at 65 billion, so over 10 billion more. And then Disney upped their bid by another 5 billion. So Disney’s now bidding 70 billion dollars for 20th Century Fox.

Moises: Wow. If Disney wants, I can lend them a dollar. That is all I can give.

Ricardo: So, considering the money that Disney’s made this year alone through Star Wars and Marvel and the original Disney movies, like Incredibles 2 is out.

Moises: Isn’t that Pixar?

Ricardo: Incredibles 2 is Pixar, which is a studio by Disney.

Moises: Okay. Right.

Ricardo: So, Pixar is 100% owned by Disney. Disney owns all the good stuff and they want to own more of the good stuff. So, that’s my news item. I’m really, really excited about that. For many reasons, yeah. Fantastic Four. Although -

Moises: It will be nice to be able to see a proper reboot that doesn’t disappoint fans because the first one was, it was okay and I still enjoyed seeing the characters on screen. Their costumes were comic accurate, but the second one was - I didn’t even watch it. I just saw the trailer. I said, nope, that’s it.

Ricardo: Yeah, it’s just - it’s - there’s been so many false starts in that series that I’m not particularly looking forward to it anytime soon.

Moises: And the MCU already redeemed two Human Torches. So maybe do the whole - the whole team.

Ricardo: Yeah, but, what’s exciting for me about hopefully obtaining X-Men in the MCU is Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch is already in the MCU, but they’re not technically branded as Mutants because they weren’t allowed to be. So I wonder how that’s going to play, you know, if they bring Magneto, are they’re not going to be his kids anymore since they already have kind of a different storyline? Or maybe it - maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe Avengers 4 reboots everything anyway so -

Moises: They could do that. Or possibly -

Ricardo: Avengers 4 can be Marvel’s way of, if Disney ends up buying 20th Century Fox, Avengers 4 can be Marvel’s way of letting Chris Evans and Robert Downey, Jr. out because you know, I know that they don’t want to do the movies anymore.

Moises: Unfortunately.

Ricardo: As well as, yeah, as well as bringing in X-Men into the fold by kind of rebooting some of the things through the storyline.

Moises: Now, this might not happen in Infinity War, but if they do decide to do time travel, interdimensional travel, in Age of Ultron, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver’s parents died. So maybe they can prevent that and they would show that the father is Magneto.

Ricardo: Well, yeah, we never even technically see the parents. Right? We just know that they’re dead.

Moises: Yeah, exactly.

Ricardo: So yeah, maybe Magneto is the father. So much possibility.

Moises: So many possibilities, but, again, this is all speculation and who knows how much of this can come true.

Ricardo: We should probably write down like some of these predictions at some point. Maybe in a future episode, and you can see like how many of our predictions do come through, like how accurate we were, how wrong we were. So, what’s your next news item?

Moises: One thing that I found really interesting was, as you know, the new Spider-Man game is coming out September -

Ricardo: I can’t wait.

Moises: - 7th, if I’m not mistaken.

Ricardo: Yeah. I don’t know the day. I just know that it’s September. I know that I’m ready for it. It’s compatible with the PS4 Pro. So do the whole 4K upscaling thing and I have a PS4 Pro, so I am freaking excited. Can’t wait.

Moises: I know Marvel Comics is submitting five variant covers of five comics with that Spider-Man design.

Ricardo: Do you know what’s different about this Spider-Man design? I know one thing that I saw, I know this is minor, but like, the bottom of his foot isn’t like, just flat. I don’t know how to explain it. It looks, it kind of looked like a jet or something like that, but I doubt it. I know that’s probably more of like Tony Stark’s Iron Spider suit probably has that built in and maybe not the one in the game, but something looked like it was under the shoe that I saw. Anything about the costume or the uniform, whatever you wanna call it, that you know about?

Moises: The divisional insignia and on his chest is ordinarily black, but in the game it is white. He also has a bunch of, I don’t want to say white stripes, but he has more that - I believe the gloves are white, if I’m not mistaken.

Ricardo: So a lot of what the artwork would traditionally have black is white for this new suit.

Moises: For the most part, yes.

Ricardo: Okay. And to be clear, this new game coming out, it’s Peter Parker Spider-Man, right? Not like Miles Morales or anything?

Moises: I believe it is Peter Parker. Just because of what the story is. I know we’re going to see Wilson, Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin, so I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Peter Parker. But they are sending out a variant cover of Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1, which pays homage to Spider-Man #546, I believe, by Steven McNiven. The next one is Amazing Spider-Man #5, which pays homage to Amazing Spider-Man #46; Avengers #7, which is going to be a variant cover of Dark Reign: Mister Negative #1 by Jay Lee; Spider-Geddon #0, which I, that’s my first time hearing that.

Ricardo: I’ve never heard of that one.

Moises: Yeah. That one pays homage to Spider-Man #671, and then the last one is West Coast Avengers #2, which pays homage to The Amazing Spider-Man #151. A lot of these are variant covers of the old Amazing Spider-Man series except for that one Dark Reign one; Spider-Man is still in that cover, so the fact we’re going to see the 2018 version of that cover is pretty - it’s pretty awesome.

Ricardo: Yeah. I’m excited for that game because while I’ve never played the Arkham series for Batman, I’ve seen it. I’ve played like in GameStop, but I’ve never, I don’t own it yet, although I should probably buy it, kind of go through it, but I hear so many people say how great that game is -

Moises: You can skip Arkham Origins.

Ricardo: - how great the, the mechanics are for those games. And so, what’s really exciting is that many people are saying this new Spider-Man game is very similar to that in terms of game mechanics.

Moises: Yeah, I saw that.

Ricardo: What’s worked well for the Arkham series they brought to Spider-Man. So that’s gonna be pretty cool.

Moises: I know right now they strictly say it comes out for PlayStation 4. Do you know if they’re going to release on Xbox One?

Ricardo: Probably - I want to say probably not for a few reasons. One, because -

Moises: It’s Sony.

Ricardo: - as you know, I’m a PlayStation fan so I don’t really care if it comes out for Xbox, but also, though the rights for Spider-Man are in a weird area now because of being loaned to the MCU kind of thing. Technically, Sony still owns the rights to Spider-Man and Sony owns PlayStation. It would be in their own best interest to have it be a PlayStation exclusive if they have that ability. So to be honest, I’m not too sure.

Moises: I have to sell my Xbox then.

Ricardo: Yeah, sell your Xbox, get a PlayStation. You got this. Another news item I have, although it’s not really new news, but Ant-Man and the Wasp was coming up, so its release is July 6th and we already have - we preordered our tickets for July 5th, which is Thursday night.

Moises: Yes.

Ricardo: I’m so excited. I’m not gonna lie.

Moises: I’m gonna call out of work.

Ricardo: I’m a little disappointed - make sure your boss is not listening - I’m a little disappointed though, in a sense. I mean, it’s not bad bad, but it kinda sucks that this is going to take place before Infinity War.

Moises: Infinity War. Yes.

Ricardo I know from what we’ve heard about Captain Marvel, that’s also going to take place before Infinity War.

Moises: But this will be her origin story.

Ricardo: Yeah, that’s different. It’s her origin story -

Moises: It’ll be her first movie.

Ricardo: - and it’s way before Infinity War. It’s like in the eighties or nineties or something like that.

Moises: Nineties, if I’m not mistaken.

Ricardo: This is somewhat recent, just before Infinity War and so much has happened in Infinity War. I kept wanting to know what happens next and we’re just not gonna be able to see that, so that kind of sucks. But Paul Rudd’s amazing as Ant-Man. He’s so funny. He fits very well into the MCU, so it’s gonna be an exciting movie regardless, I think.

Moises: And who knows, maybe the after-credit scene can show his daughter being dusted away, as some of the fans call it, which will be heartbreaking because the little girl looks adorable. Yeah, and it’ll give Ant-Man a reason to actually join the fight.

Ricardo: Exactly. All the rumors are pointing to both Ant-Man and Hawkeye finally being in this second installment of the Avengers movie.

Moises: That was the key. That’s why they lost in the first place. Hawkeye was not in the movie!

Ricardo: Yeah, right. When Hawkeye’s there, they win, right? That’s what I’ve heard too.

Moises: He killed 11 robots, 11 aliens, with all his arrows. That’s the only reason why they won.

Ricardo: Exactly. Any other news items for you?

Moises: I know Hasbro is releasing two new waves. This isn’t really brand new news because they had been released. They’ve been spoken about previously, I believe the beginning of the month, but they’re releasing a Apocalypse wave and a Venom wave. Now, those are Build-A-Figures, so you have to get each each figure in the wave to build Apocalypse and Venom. Now, we’ve only seen a Build-A-Figure Apocalypse with the Toy Biz Hasbro.

Ricardo: Wait, so, explain to me: how does Build-A-Figure work?

Moises: Like I said, each figure in the wave has a piece, so an arm, a leg, the head, or the torso -

Ricardo: So it has a piece that’s not for that figure?

Moises: Yeah, exactly. It has a piece to build the -

Ricardo: That’s slick!

Moises: Yeah.

Ricardo: That’s slick. So they make you buy it.

Moises: I know some people sell the pieces separately, but those people charge you an arm and a leg for an arm and a leg. Now we’ve only seen an Apocalypse Build-A-Figure with Toy Biz, which is expensive nowadays, so I’m eager to see how Hasbro holds up to them and, for the Venom Build-A-Figure, I’m excited because we’re getting a new Carnage figure with more accessories and a Cletus Kasady head scope, which we didn’t get the first time around.

Ricardo: Nice.

Moises: I know there’s the Amazing Yamaguchi figure, which doesn’t have a head scope and I feel like only because, that figure line is a Japanese figure line, and their head scopes are more anime-like, so it would be kind of difficult to make a Cletus Kasady in anime form. And that Build-A-Figure - now, they brand it as Monster Venom, but it honestly looks like Mac Gargan Venom, which you might know Mac Gargan as Scorpion.

Ricardo: Yeah.

Moises: We’ve seen a Mac Gargan Venom before with the Hasbro Spider-Man classic series. So I’m excited to see, to compare those two side by side. I don’t think the new one comes with a stinger, but who knows? Maybe we could add the one from classics to this one.

Ricardo: We’ll see. And for, for those people listening. So for anybody who doesn’t know, not only is this podcast available on our website and on YouTube, we also do figure reviews and those will be available on our website in the blog section. Blog section, figure reviews, I’m not even sure yet, as well as YouTube as well. So we actually have a Carnage figure in the works and we’ll be purchasing and reviewing some more things in the future. So maybe some of these things, you know, we’ll have to shell out the money and review them together.

Moises: One thing I’m also excited about, they have another Spider-Man wave, which isn’t too great, but I only want to get Spider-Ham. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen those comics.

Ricardo: No.

Moises: It’s a, it’s a multi - it’s a different universe where Spider-Man is a pig and the figure itself doesn’t have too much articulation, but it’s still pretty cool to have. I don’t know if you ever played Shattered Dimensions. They briefly show Spider-Ham.

Ricardo: No, that’s, that’s strange. I feel like, at least from what I’ve seen, out of most of the Marvel characters, I feel like Spider-Man is the one that has the most variations or like different dimension versions of Spider-Man or whatever.

Moises: Yeah, he definitely does. And they’re also coming out with that new movie, Into the Spider-verse.

Ricardo: Yeah, just about to. And I wonder, I wonder what lends - if it’s just because Spider-Man has been so popular. Is that why, or what? What about Spider-Man out of all the characters made it so he had the most variations? I don’t know. It’s strange. So I only had one news item left for myself. Basically it was announced that Guardians of the Galaxy 3, which still isn’t coming out anytime soon, I think it’s 2019 or 2020. I think it’s 2020 that it’s coming out. So they did say that in terms of like a plot and where it takes place is going to be taking place after the events of Infinity War. Ant-Man’s going to take place before, Captain Marvel is gonna take place before. We will have Guardians of the Galaxy 3, which is going to end that trilogy, which also, I don’t even know what that means. Does that mean we’re going get a different set of characters afterward or are they just not going to do it, who knows? But that movie will take place afterwards. So we’ll get to see Star Lord and see what’s -

Moises: Marvel’s greatest villain.

Ricardo: Yeah, see how he deals with what happened. Well, I guess we’ll see that in Avengers 4 as well, but -

Moises: Also, I know at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, one of the after-credit scenes was showing all the Ravagers and their ships and those were actually the original Guardians of the Galaxy, so maybe we’ll see those and -

Ricardo: Yeah, so maybe. Yeah, that makes sense.

Moises: If they plan to do all that, if after the Star Lord/Gamora and all that are done that maybe we’ll see the original divisional team in the future.

Ricardo: Speaking of Guardians of the Galaxy, what’s the last news item there?

Moises: Right. Marvel Comics has also released something called Asgardians of the Galaxy and it is basically a team of Asgardians who are defending the galaxy while the Guardians are away due to the events in Infinity Wars - not the movie, the comics. I haven’t read the comics too much, but I thought it was pretty funny that Skurge is in it and as you remember, Skurge was in Thor: Ragnarok and he dies a heroic death, but -

Ricardo: Yeah, he redeemed himself, which I’m really happy about because you can tell he was kind of doing bad things, but you can tell he’s conflicted.

Moises: He was, he was hesitant of most of the things. I think Karl Urban played that character pretty well.

Ricardo: If Hela gave me that, uh, that axe or whatever he was building, I probably would have did bad things too. I would have done some bad things for Hela. Cool! Um, so that’s our news for this week. So I wanted to get into our main topic. Our main topic for this episode’s going to be, it’s going to be about Luke Cage season 2. And also just, I wanted to talk about a little bit about the, what they call The Street Brawlers, which is the Netflix TV series in general, which we’re big, big fans of. So as we mentioned earlier, today, as we’re recording, Luke Cage season 2 - it was released. We have not watched it yet, so we can’t speak to too much into what’s in the episodes.

Moises: Basically just our predictions or what we feel might happen.

Ricardo: I know you say you haven’t watched season one yet, right?

Moises: I haven’t.

Ricardo: So you should. You should. I’m a big fan of, like I said, all of them, but particularly Luke Cage, you know, as someone who’s from New York, I’m, I’m just excited about all these series because we get to see them take place in New York. Jessica Jones. *Daredevil *. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t even watch Iron Fist. Yeah, I didn’t watch it. I did watch The Defenders so I got to see him there but just Iron Fist didn’t look appetizing to me so I didn’t bother watching it but I like seeing how all these things take place in New York. I like how, aside from Daredevil, they don’t have suits, traditional superhero suits and they have powers, but many times you can’t necessarily know by looking at them.

Moises: Yeah, exactly.

Ricardo: And compared to like Captain America and Iron Man -

Moises: Everyone knows he’s a super soldier.

Ricardo: Yeah. Like, mind you, people know who Jessica Jones is now on the street and same thing with Luke Cage, but they’re very much more down to earth. You know, they’re more down to earth and they seem like regular people and what I loved about Luke Cage, the way they filmed it, the music that was in it. Yeah, it’s in Harlem, which - Harlem is traditionally known for the arts and for music, and you definitely see that in Luke Cage, pretty much every episode. One of those places it takes places in is Cottonmouth’s club that he has and in his club they have live music, but in Luke Cage -

Moises: I heard the soundtrack was phenomenal.

Ricardo: Yeah. And Luke Cage - in that club, they have real artists, like real recording artists, like Bobby Brown performed during the show. They’re performing. So you get to hear that music and see them perform while the show’s happening.

Moises: So basically a free concert.

Ricardo: Exactly.

Moises: Well, no, Netflix charges you.

Ricardo: Yeah, but it’s not a lot. I don’t know, it’s just, it’s very different, very unique. I love the atmosphere of the show and also, you know, for black people, for example, I think Luke Cage sets a really good example. Like I think, I’m trying to remember what episode it was, but there was one episode where this young kid with a gun puts the gun to the back of Luke Cage’s head and calls him the n word for example, and Luke cage gets so upset and he’s not upset because of the gun because you know he’s bulletproof so he doesn’t really care. Anyway, he got upset by that kid calling him that word and he kind of, he kind of preaches to him about like, do you even understand what that word means and what it means to our people and Luke Cage - so, Luke Cage is, yeah, he’s a superhero, but he’s also defending his people, his people.

Moises: Exactly.

Ricardo: And I think that’s pretty cool. So he’s just trying to stand for something more and be the good guy in a traditional, like a hero sense, but aside from just his powers, he’s being a hero in a sense of the heroes we have nowadays. You know, like a politician who’s trying to stand up for a community or whatever. So he’s being a hero in a way that me, you, and other people can try to be a hero without necessarily needing to have superpowers.

Moises: Actually, in the trailer for Luke Cage season 2, they showed them on the streets, taking pictures with a bunch of kids, you see a bunch of teenagers running away. So he’s definitely like a community hero where he cares about where he lives, the people that live around him.

Ricardo: Yeah. Yeah. So I know you had some thoughts about the villain.

Moises: Yes. So if I’m not mistaken, the villain is Bushmaster and this TV series adaptation is very different from the comic book issues. There’s two different variations. The first one, basically the guy, I can’t remember his name off the top of my head, but he tracks down Noah Burstein, the doctor who performed on Luke Cage, and forces him to recreate the same process to acquire superpowers. Another adaptation is he is a snake.

Ricardo: Like, literally?

Moises: Yes. He has a snake tail and he has spears coming out of his hands, which I doubt they’ll show in the TV series, but from the trailer it looks like he gets his powers from meditating. They show him around a bunch of candles. So who knows, maybe he acquired some of the dragon bones from Defenders and recreated the serum himself.

Ricardo: Okay. So watching, when I watched Jessica Jones season two, actually I never bothered to research this. I don’t know if - I can’t remember if it takes place, I think it does take place after The Defenders and like all the events that happened in Defenders, but they don’t really talk about it, which I found strange. I feel like when I was watching Jessica Jones season 2, all the events of The Defenders wasn’t really like talked about much or mentioned much.

Moises: I think it was beforehand. I think it goes Daredevil season 1, Jessica Jones, Season 2 of Daredevil, Luke Cage, Season 2 of Jessica - I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure Defenders is after season 2 of Jessica Jones.

Ricardo: Okay. So I wonder where Luke Cage season 2 is gonna take place then, if it’s gonna be before or after The Defenders because I kind of want something to address what happened there, like a lot happened. Maybe not many people know, but New York was almost wiped away. Like New York was almost gone and this time not by the Hulk. But something, something internally, so some big stuff went down and I have no clue here.

Moises: I’m curious to see what Jessica Jones and Luke Cage’s relationship will be like now that he knows that his wife never really loved him or was forced to love him.

Ricardo: We’ll see. So I know because I watched season two of Jessica Jones and they also didn’t address Luke Cage in that at all, even though Luke Cage had a decent part in season 1, and whether it’s before or after The Defenders, it’s after everything that happened in season 1. So we should probably put together - on our website, I guess we’re going to be adding the movies and the timeline on our website for comicsncoffee.com. So you can probably put together the TV shows as well. I think that would be helpful. So we can kinda show all the TV shows and how they connect.

Moises: Technically they’re in the MCU.

Ricardo: Yeah, yeah. No, yeah, they’re definitely in the MCU. They refer - it’s funny - they refer to the events. They always talk about like when the aliens came as I think The Event, right? The Event or The Incident, that’s what they call it. They call it The Incident. I’m really excited about that and we can’t wait to watch that. We’ll probably talk more about that next episode. You know what I find interesting too, so I’m always interested in like the business side of things and I remember, I think it was earlier this year, or the end of last year, I can’t remember, but Disney, it was announced that Disney’s now going to be doing their own streaming service, so basically their own competitor to Netflix or Hulu and what a lot of companies have tried -

Moises: They’ve really taken over.

Ricardo: Yeah, and a lot of companies tried this. CBS has, it has CBS All Access, so CBS has something. All these different channels/movie studios have something, but what’s dangerous about Disney is all the properties they have. Original Disney and Pixar have a huge library of movies and shows already. Remember, Disney owns Radio Disney. Disney owns Disney Channel and Playhouse Disney.

Moises: Disney XD.

Ricardo: Yeah. They own all those things. And then Disney bought Marvel, so Disney owns technically everything that Marvel owns. And then Disney bought Lucasfilm. So Disney owns everything Star Wars.

Moises: Yes.

Ricardo: So they have a huge, huge library. So them creating their own streaming services is something that’s actually could potentially be dangerous to Netflix. So what I thought was interesting was it was said that Netflix is gonna start losing - I forget what the cut off date was - but they’re gonna start losing a lot of Disney movies because Disney is gonna pull it because they want people to use their service now.

Moises: Now, do you think that’s going to be the same 10 dollars a month or would they charge us more?

Ricardo: Honestly, I have no clue. I would say that they would try to be competitive, so I think that would probably be around 9, 10 dollars a month. So here’s what I found interesting though. So Netflix has some marvel show such as Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., right?

Moises: Yes.

Ricardo: However, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is made by ABC, which is owned by Disney. So I would assume that, along with, like Disney movies, that’s probably going to be pulled at some point down the line when Disney launches their service.

Moises: It’s ABC shows as well, then.

Ricardo: Yeah.

Moises: Just, Marvel related ones.

Ricardo: No. I’m assuming Disney would pull all their stuff, but here’s where it gets interesting. So ABC does Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., but Netflix is the actual producing company for the Street Brawlers. So for Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Punisher - Netflix actually produces those shows themselves. So what the hell happens there? Because Disney owns some of the rights to them, but Netflix owns the TV publishing rights now for those because Netflix is making them. I kind of wonder if there’s gonna be an exception or if those are getting pulled as well and I think we’re getting an idea of maybe they’re not going to be pulled because Jessica Jones season 2 came out, and so Netflix is still investing in this. Luke Cage. I’ve gotta tell you. Luke Cage season 2 is now out and we hear that Daredevil season 3 is in the works. Punisher season 2 is in the works. So it looks like Netflix is not worried and they’re still producing this thing, so maybe -

Moises: Maybe there’s a collaboration between the two.

Ricardo: Yeah, maybe these won’t get pulled. I hope they don’t because they’re, they’re being produced amazingly. So I really hope that we don’t lose them. Anything else you want to cover for Luke Cage season 2 or the Street Brawlers series?

Moises: I know even though no one really liked Iron Fist, I know he is not rumored, but confirmed to be in Luke Cage season 2 and hopefully it will be to train Luke Cage how to fight more. And maybe that’s how he, he’ll end up defeating Bushmaster.

Ricardo: Did you see Defenders?

Moises: Yes.

Ricardo: While I’m not a big Iron Fist fan, I love that scene where they get into that first, like they first meet each other and they get into that fight and nothing that Iron Fist is doing really matters and he just has this look on his face like “What the hell is happening here?”

Moises: He’s screwed.

Ricardo: But of course when he gets the, what is it called? Is it chi that he gets?

Moises: The yellow fist.

Ricardo: Yeah, I forget - I think they call it chi. When the fist starts to glow and he punches Luke Cage in the mouth and you do that slow mo, that’s, that’s beautiful. So yeah, they can have some interesting things together. And um, I’m, I’m really looking forward to watching this. I think this weekend I’ll probably get started on it. We’ll see how far I get.

Moises: Speaking of Defenders, when Misty Knight loses her arm in Defenders and we saw in the trailer that she gets her bionic arm, which we’ve seen in the comics, and in the comics, Tony Stark actually created the first one, which I doubt they’re going to go with that route because in the trailer we also see on the blueprints of the arm, so that’s obviously for Rand Enterprises.

Ricardo: So he, the other billionaire, mutant billionaire, is the one who creates it. But you never know because what you see in some of these Street Brawlers series, including - which one is it? - in Luke Cage near the end of season one when he’s fighting Diamondback, this, this crazy weapon that Diamondback has was I think, I don’t know if it was stolen or purchased, but it’s Hammer Tech.

Moises: Oh, right, which we’ve already seen.

Ricardo: It’s Hammer Tech, which we’ve already seen in Iron Man 2. It’s definitely, you know, in the Iron Man world there, so.

Moises: Which also begs the question in the trailer a cop/police says to Luke Cage, “You can’t keep doing what you do.” Do you think it has anything to do with the Sokovia Accords? Because he’s technically a hero that everyone knows about. So I feel like the government would.

Ricardo: I don’t know. I don’t want to start. I feel like, I feel like the MCU has kind of pushed past - with everything that’s happened already. I feel like they can. I think that, because, you know, the whole thing with Batman. He’s a vigilante. Police don’t like vigilantes.

Moises: Yeah.

Ricardo: I feel like maybe it’s kind of that or, not that we’ve seen it too much in Luke Cage, but the whole storyline of - oh, I guess it’s related to the Sokovia Accords, but the whole storyline from Ultron where a powerful villain rises up to kind of combat that. So you know, maybe the police are kind of just saying like you’re inviting - they might be blaming him in the sense that you’re inviting more crime.

Moises: I believe that was in Civil War. Vision’s equation, or what did he call it?

Ricardo Well, in Age of Ultron, that’s where we get introduced to Vision.

Moises: Yeah.

Ricardo: I think it really just has to kind of do with that. I, I really hope for Daredevil season 3 though, Wilson Fisk.

Moises: Yes.

Ricardo: I want to see more, more of him. That was, that character was played, played so great and we haven’t seen him since. Yeah, and hopefully there’s some more the crossovers. I don’t know if the Punisher and Daredevil will cross over again.

Moises: Yeah, I know at the end of Defenders they showed Daredevil was found by a bunch of nuns and he was technically alive. Do you think he was brought back with that ritual with the blood and everything, or? I’m not sure. If he was blown up or a building collapsed on him, I don’t see how nuns can fix him.

Ricardo: I guess don’t go there. I’m not sure. I think didn’t someone recently get revived or get power from alien, from the alien blood from The Incident? Maybe it could be related to that as well.

Moises: I believe Agent Coulson. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Ricardo: Yeah. There we go. Agent Coulson. The way comics work, right, there’s plenty of ways he can come back.

Moises: So the nuns basically stole alien tech or alien blood.

Ricardo: I wouldn’t put it past them. What are they hiding there? All right, so just wanted to go over some random, some other leftover topics that I wanted to discuss. So one of them was Infinity War, right? Was it Infinity War, yeah, at the beginning of Infinity War, right? Not talking about a spoiler, but Thanos’s whole MO is that he slaughters half of a population or community or whatever.

Moises: Exactly.

Ricardo: And Thor says that he slaughtered half my people. What do you think that means?

Moises: Well, just the fact that the whole ship blew up before Thor says he slaughtered half his people. He escaped with a bunch of Asgardians, hopefully children, women and children, and it tells me that maybe Valkyrie, most importantly, hopefully Korg was one of the survivors.

Ricardo: Yeah. So you think that -

Moises: because she is, she is confirmed for Infinity War Part 2.

Ricardo: - do you think somewhere half of the Asgardians are still alive?

Moises: Yes, maybe half of half because he technically wiped out half. So who knows? But I know that Tessa Thompson has been confirmed for Avengers 4.

Ricardo: That’s tough. Unless I missed something, I can’t think of anywhere in the movie where you could have gotten like some sort of hint or something like that or where they might be or - although, I guess, what ship? Because it’s the post credit scenes of Ragnarok where you see Thanos’s ship meet - No, but he blew up the ship. Right. And I guess he took a ship. So I don’t know. I don’t know where they would be.

Moises: After Loki put -

Ricardo: What about the little - ?

Moises: Exactly. That’s how he got back to the ship.

Ricardo: Yeah, the Grandmaster’s, the Grandmaster’s -

Moises: - orangey ship.

Ricardo: You’re right. We didn’t see anything about that necessarily. I mean it could have gotten blown up also since it was attached, but there’s no reason to say why it didn’t separate.

Moises: Yeah.

Ricardo: And that’s where half of them are, although it’s a really small ship. So maybe you’re right about half of half.

Moises: As long as Korg is on the ship, we’re fine.

Ricardo: Yeah. So that’s a possibility. And you know, there’s all those rumors about how Loki isn’t dead, that he was Bruce Banner -

Moises: Very unlikely.

Ricardo: I think it’s all BS because you see Banner trying to get the Hulk out, but the Hulk is struggling to not come out.

Moises: Mind you. He was always alone when that happened, but still - they wouldn’t show that.

Ricardo: [32:44] Yeah. Loki. Loki wouldn’t be doing it. If Loki was faking, like why would he -

Moises: - fake when no one’s watching?

Ricardo: Yeah. Why would he fake that? To me that, that rumor doesn’t make any sense at all. I could do a whole episode about this, but we did see Deadpool 2, any thoughts on that?

Moises: One thing that I loved was - full spoilers - towards the end. What was the, the little kid’s name?

Ricardo: Russell.

Moises: Russell, I don’t remember what his hero and his alter ego name was, but he basically shoots his fire at Deadpool and then a bunch of ashes falls on the costume making it gray and black, which is the known and loved X-Force costume. So that was a fun little Easter egg that I actually enjoyed.

Ricardo: The real X-Force?

Moises: Yes. Not the X-Force that dies like 10 seconds into their first mission. Poor Sugar Bear.

Ricardo: That movie was so funny. I’m not going to lie. The ending kind of surprised me. I didn’t think that - Cable?

Moises: Cable.

Ricardo: I didn’t think he was gonna, like when he used his little time machine thing, I would think he was going to go back to save Deadpool and it’s fun. I mean, I don’t think it was necessary, but by doing that we then get to see him fix the time machine later and go back and kill the weapon. What was it?

Moises: Weapon X.

Ricardo: 11. Because isn’t Wolverine Weapon X?

Moises: Oh, I’m sorry, yeah. 11.

Ricardo: Weapon 11. He goes back and kills him and that’s, that was needed. So.

Moises: And killing Ryan Reynolds for accepting Green Lantern.

Ricardo: Which was also needed.

Moises: Yes.

Ricardo: Yeah, I remember I saw, I don’t know if I’ve told you this story, I saw Green Lantern, it came out right at the end of bootcamp. So when I graduated Navy bootcamp we went on liberty, so we were in our dress whites and we got to go hang out with family or do whatever for like 8 hours before we had to go back to base and go to our first base for training. So my friend and I were trying to figure out where to go, so we decided to take the railroad into Chicago. So we go to Chicago. We’re riding in our uniform. We’re all excited. We’re finally out of bootcamp. We have all this freedom and I said you know what, let’s - we got some coffee, of course, Starbucks. And then I was like, you know what, let’s go see a movie. So we go to see a movie, and remember, we were in bootcamp for months. So we weren’t even aware of what was in theaters, so we’re just kind of quickly scanning to see what starts soon so we could just see something and - Green Lantern. So disappointed. I walked out of the theater like, I’ve been locked away for three months in bootcamp and this is the movie I was able to see. I was so upset. What a shame.

Moises: So sorry.

Ricardo: It happens. So, um, anything else you wanna talk about before we go? Okay. So I’ll take that as a no. Alright buddy, so we’re going to get ready to head out. Um, I think next episode we would be talking about our Ant-Man and the Wasp predictions, right?

Moises: Yes.

Ricardo: Um, as we get closer, like I said, we already have our tickets so we’ll talk about our predictions for that. And then I guess -

Moises: We can talk about Luke Cage.

Ricardo: I don’t know if we’ll finish the whole series, the whole season by then, but yeah -

Moises: We have lives.

Ricardo: We can probably get into that as well and kind of give our thoughts on Luke Cage season 2. Maybe we do half and half, like we’ll watch the first half of the season by next episode and discuss it and then the episode after that we’ll talk about the second half. Kind of split up a little bit there. Alright, everybody. We’ll have show notes on our website. If you want to know about the series we’re talking about, the figures that Moises was talking about earlier, we’ll have that in our show notes on comicsncoffee.com/podcast. Any questions or feedback for us? You can contact us on Twitter @comics_ncoffee. It sucks, but someone has the better handle, unfortunately. And at Facebook, facebook.com/comicsncoffee, and then of course our website comicsncoffee.com. Alright, thanks for listening. We’ll see you guys next week.

Moises: Well, not see you.