Volume 1 Issue 0: Introducing the Comics 'N' Coffee Podcast

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In this issue we introduce Comics 'N' Coffee, the podcast, and the hosts.


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Moises: Hey everyone welcome to the Comics ‘N’ Coffee podcast I’m Korg this is Miek, no I’m joking. Were your hosts Moises Lopez and Ricardo Feliciano. This is Volume 1 Episode 0. So Ricardo, what is Comics ‘N’ Coffee? In your opinion?

Ricardo: Yeah that’s interesting, so Comics ‘N’ Coffee i think us coming up with the idea to actually starting the podcast has changed a little bit. I think Comics ‘N’ Coffee is us, it’s what we created to kind of scratch our own itch basically. So how i see Comics ‘N’ Coffee is i envisioned Comics ‘N’ Coffee being both an online and in real life community and what i mean by that is its a place on the internet, on our website, on social media, where we can get together with other comic book fans, and not just fans that only watch the movies and that’s it and they call themselves comic book fans, but actual fans who buy the figures, who buy comics books, and actually know about these characters more than what’s seen on screen. Also and ideally in person where we can get together and hang out and just watch movies, go back to the original iron man, I don’t think anyone wants to watch the first hulk but all these other movies we kind of get together and just have fun. So i think that was the original idea for CnC. in terms of how you can find us if you’re listening to this you’ve already found the podcast.

Moises: Congratulations

Ricardo: In terms of our website, our website is ComicNComics.com, comics spelled normally, the letter n, and the word coffee.com and you can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, where else are we? YouTube, Instagram, we’re not on LinkedIn so there’s that. So you can find us in those places. Now that we’ve covered what comics n comics is overall why don’t you talk about what the actual podcast is going to be about

Moises: Basically our podcast is going to be anything marvel and dc related. News, movies, TV shows, comics, figures, games, whatever. Personally DC doesn’t have too much going for them with figures because they’re all terrible

Ricardo: Figures, movies you know they are failing a lot.

Moises: No movies are okay, their animated shows are amazing.

Ricardo: I don’t know about that i mean justice league did not do to well.

Moises: Yeah Justice League was horrible I’ll give you that one.

Ricardo: So yeah the idea of the podcast is those conversations that you know you have with your friends after seeing a movie or before a new game comes out, that’s what this podcast is. Its comic book nerds talking to other comic book nerds about all the cool stuff that’s happening in the marvel and DC world

Moises: We prefer the word geek.

Ricardo: You know i do prefer the word geek as well, whatever. That’s the idea we have fun discussions we joke we talk about what’s happening, kind of connect the dots here, maybe make predictions into the movies as well you know because i was right about infinity war i just want to remind you about that um yeah and in terms of frequency this is still a brand new podcast were still kind of working that out but i want to say once a week, that’s what we’re aiming for here. We’ll be putting out a podcast once a week basically talking about latest news and what’s happening for that past week. In terms of, just like with the website in terms of finding the podcast you would be able to find the podcast on our website comicsncoffee.com/podcast. Were also going to be publishing all these episodes on youtube, so if you find comicncoffee on youtube you’ll be able to just listen to the episodes on there as well. And I want to say 99% of podcast in the world are available on iTunes so of course were on iTunes,we are available in pocketcast, google play, basically whatever your favorite podcast app is we should be on there, except for soundcloud because they charge to much money.

Moises: And also were broke.

Ricardo: As we said in the intro this is volume 1 episode 0, i would say that many podcast don’t use the term volume, so moises do you want to explain why we went with that?

Moises: Well basically in comic books they volume 1 issue 362 which volume 1 to me always felt like season 1 so this would be season 1 of our podcast and episodes are basically issue numbers.

Ricardo: Our next podcast episode will not be called an episode it’ll be called an issue. Why this is episode 0 or issue 0 that is also kind of like a geek reference. So I come from the tech world, the programming world and computers start counting at 0 so that’s basically what we did that. Now like i said this episode is going to be slightly different this is very much an intro to the podcast and who we are and why were doing this. Starting from issue one we will be going onto our main topics here. So I just wanted to cover a little bit about ourselves. I’m Ricardo, Ricardo Feliciano and I kind of wanted to go through our favorite heroes, villains if that’s cool with you Moises.

Moises: Yeah that’s fine.

Ricardo: My favorite hero i’m quite honestly i’m kind of split. If i had to choose id probably would say Tony Stark im a big iron man fan like i said i work in the tech world so technology is really important to me so if i really had to choose it’d be Tony Stark. But right there with tony stark is the captain, Steve Rogers. He’s absolutely awesome he’s from new york

Moises: Close second basically.

Ricardo: Extremely close second.

Moises: Very close second.

Ricardo: Yeah because he’s from new york, i’m from new york and you know He was in the army i was in the navy i know not the same thing but hey military were brothers and i like what he represents and how he’s always trying to do the right thing so i think that’s really important um that’s why i like them. What about you, do you have a favorite hero?

Moises: My favorite hero and i know this sounds a bit mainstream or whatever is Deadpool, and only reason being is because no matter how many problems he has upstairs in his head he still takes life not too seriously and that’s how i tried to live my life because you know the voices speak to me. Like i said i know that’s pretty mainstream to say everyone likes Deadpool now because of his newer comics and because of Ryan Reynolds god bless him but i’ve alway like him even as an anti hero basically because his costume is pretty cool he has weapons he has swords i’ve always loved katannas i have like 3 in my room.

Ricardo: Any, any characters.

Moises: Don’t tell the cops.

Ricardo: Any characters with swords are freaking awesome, can’t go wrong with swords. Now curious so that’s your favorite hero, so whos your favorite villain.

Moises: In marvel it has to be Star lord, because he ruined everything in infinity war.

Ricardo: So star lord is your favorite villain.

Moises: Yes. For DC it would have to be Rotten Tomatoes because i do believe batman v superman dawn of justice did amazing and the critics are just a bunch of a-holes who still live with there moms.

Ricardo: So i’m going to be one of those people who say that movie sucked but i didn’t see it. So yeah that’s who i am right there, it sucked so much i didn’t bother seeing it. In case you all listening haven’t gotten it yet i’m not a really big fan of DC i think the only thing DC made that i truly like that is amazing is batman, batman is awesome like theres nothing bad to say about batman, batman is awesome but otherwise i’m very much bias and leaning towards marvel like 100%. In terms of villains for me and i don’t even have a great reason but i think that my favorite villain is carnage.

Moises: How come?

Ricardo: You know honestly i don’t know, I don’t know. I remember when i first saw venom, venom was my favorite villain and i was really fascinated by venom the fact that he’s a symbiote.

Moises: Not symbi-OAT!

Ricardo: Yeah exactly and i don’t know venom is pretty cool my best friend in high school, his favorite villain his favorite character period really is venom. So i’ve always paid a lot of interest to venom and then i don’t know once i’ve learned more about venom that how i discovered carnage and how carnage was an offspring.

Moises: Could it also tie in with the fact that you want to be a father and you want to have an offspring?

Ricardo: Maybe, maybe it’s a little part of it. Oh actually now that i think about it though my favorite colors , my favorite colors are black and red, venom has um carnage has both. And also as amazing as venom is, remember the whole point of these symbiotes is there supposed to be based off of the characteristics of their host, and Eddie Brock he’s not an angel but he’s still somewhat of a normal person, carnage.

Moises: Carnage is insane.

Ricardo: The host is Cletus Kasady and He’s you know a psychopath, he’s a psychopath he’s a serial killer so without the symbiote he’s already insane and a badass who does a lot of damage, just with the symbiote he’s like a whole different beast there you know? So definitely my favorite villain. So before we wrap up this episode cause this is going to be pretty short episode, would you like to share anything moises anything interesting about you that maybe our listeners might want to hear?

Moises: One thing i actually find interesting about myself is that I’m a dio structure engineer.

Ricardo: What the hell is that?

Moises: That’s basically i just take foam and create beautiful, i don’t want to say beautiful that’s being to cocky. But i create dioramas which are basically like landscapes or sceneries for action figures, mostly for the 6 inch scale with those we can i can definitely tie those in with ACBA which is articulated comic book art which is basically making a 3d comic book.

Ricardo: 3D comic book?

Moises: Yeah its with the dioramas and figures and then we’ll have chat bubbles making it seem like a comic book.

Ricardo: Ah nice. Im learning so much.

Moises: What about you? Anything you want to let our listeners know?

Ricardo: Um nothing to special.

Moises: Oh also ladies i am single.

Ricardo: Nothing to special for me just a little bit of a background just so i think our listeners can know where i come from so i am in the tech world i work for a silicon valley company called circleci, i am what’s called a developer advocate so basically i work with developers or what most people might know as programmers and help them build software, so CircleCI provides them tools i help make sure they know how to use those tools and help them and encourage them to build awesome and cool things so i am a software person the website for comicncoffee for example i built and setting up this podcast i just find technology interesting one of the few things im as interested in aside from comics books basically.

Moises: So basically with advertising you did 90% of the work , since i do not know how to code or create a website.

Ricardo: Yeah well i can’t make 3d comics, i honestly didn’t even know that was a thing till right now so now i feel less about myself then before.

Moises: Let me ask you something, why coffee?

Ricardo: As in our name?

Moises: Yes.

Ricardo: Good question. Why not? I don’t know, so that’s an interesting thing about me i’m a Starbucks addict. I love love love coffee i drink coffee literally every single day like probably too much in the sense that if i don’t have coffee for 10 hours maybe i start to get headaches which i know is a bad thing so yeah i have an addiction, i need help and this is my way of reaching out to people.

Moises: So basically a cry for help?

Ricardo: Yeah i would say so.

Moises: And it’s also definitely healthier than being addicted to alcohol or drugs.

Ricardo: Yeah comics n cocaine wouldn’t have gotten too far we might not even have our first episode if we did that.

Moises: Exactly we’d probably be somewhere.

Ricardo: Coffee is the safer option. Moises: High as a kite.

Ricardo: Exactly and like i said the idea of one comic book fan talking to another comic book fan having a discussion about everything that’s going and what’s better than having a conversation around a cup of coffee right ?

Moises: So basically a place where people can make friends, because let’s be honest a lot of us are introverts and we dont leave our house.

Ricardo: Yeah yeah very much and honestly yeah thats whats important to me which is why i said comics n coffee is an online and in real life community because yes i am an introvert as well which for my job doesn’t make sense but that’s how i am. i would love for a way for it to be easier for comic book fans to talk together to again get hopefully some of that social anxiety out the way and just say hey we don’t care how diehard of a fan you are of hulk, to the point you cosplay like we think that’s awesome.

Moises: Paint yourself green yeah.

Ricardo: Exactly lets do it together, let’s talk about it together, lets meet up and attend comic con together you know, there’s a lot of people like us out there and we want to help connect everyone who loves comic books basically if you’re an introvert or not.

Moises: And hopefully the ones who aren’t introverts can help the introverts. Teach them how to be more open or teach them how to less closed up i guess in a way.

Ricardo: Yeah hopefully, if not you know well have some jokes so we can laugh at well. Yeah so i just want to thank everyone for listening this is not going to be the normal length of most episodes the whole point of this episode is the intro to comics n coffee and the podcast and well be back with the next episode where we’ll have our normal main topic. If you do have any questions or feedback for us you can contact us at contact@comicsncoffee.com and as I said before were on twitter, were on Facebook or just go to ComicsNCoffee.com and you can contact us there.

Moises: Sign up for our newsletter to notify you when everything is, when we have any new content coming out or.

Ricardo: Yeah exactly completely forgot about the newsletter so yeah stay tuned and we hope you listen to the next episode.

Moises: Alright thanks for listening guys.

Korg: Piss off ghost!